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Facebook Boosts Videos in News Feed

facebook boost video on newsfeed

Communicating with friends and fans is the backbone of Facebook – and now video communications are mattering even more than before.

Although YouTube is more commonly associated with online video, tweaks to Facebook’s display algorithm make video even more prominent in the newsfeed. As a result, content creators and brands have an opportunity to reach more people. 

Video matters. For example, Beyonce recently posted a video for her fans that took them behind the scenes of her live performance for the MTV Video Music Awards. Posted to both Facebook and YouTube, the video was watched 2.4 million times in the first four hours on the former – and just a few thousand during the later. The reason? Facebook made sure that Beyonce fans saw the video in their newsfeed.

Facebook has the ability to make content more popular, more quickly, and their recent algorithm changes are making it even more likely for videos to become popular. In the next few years, YouTube may be a place to advertise and stockpile videos with social channels like Facebook acting as the search and suggestion engines.

Lots and lots of views. Facebook has roughly 1.3 billion monthly users worldwide, and since June of this year they’ve had about a billion video views per day. About 100 million new videos are uploaded per month. It’s a far cry from YouTube’s daily traffic – but it’s grown significantly.

Facebook is just beginning to understand how to give its users a great video experience – especially on mobile devices, which account for 2/3 of the views since June. There have been a few bumps along the way – most notably auto-play videos. Facebook added the feature last December and it was met with some disgust from mobile users. With auto-play videos, mobile users were risking extra charges for data consumption. Since then, Facebook has offered options for mobile users so that they can play the videos only if they are connected to Wi-Fi.


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