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Cable TV is Still a Viable Option


Even though more people than ever are dropping cable, there is still no viable option for all of the entertainment that people have come to experience through the cable box.

Internet TV services, streaming boxes and Smart TV options may be popular – but they may not be able to cover all of the entertainment bases without costing less than cable.

Consumers cutting down on paid subscriptions. That’s why many consumers are opting to “shave down” their cable-and-broadband subscriptions and then supplementing with streaming services. Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and the recently released HBO now all offer convenience, but may not provide the exact content that a viewer is looking for. 

In addition, there are three reasons why it’s not yet time to drop the cable subscription just yet:

  • Internet access typically comes through a cable or satellite provider. The best deals for streaming online access are typically through these providers, who often offer discounts for a combination TV-and-Internet bundle. If you still want to save money, check out and select “Wired” to find all of the options in your area.
  • Some TV shows aren’t available anywhere else. Depending on your TV and movie diet, you may be missing out on your favorite shows. So far, only PlayStation’s Vue service has been able to offer a lineup that is competitive with basic cable. Vue offers 50 to 80 live channels (depending on the package) but still no ABC – which can be a dealbreaker for many viewers.
  • Internet TV can lead to juggling apps and devices. Although there are opportunities to watch a lot through streaming services, you’ll need to hop between services and sometimes switch devices to watch all of the shows that you want. Until Apple TV gets the promised updates and Roku becomes a bit better, cable is the only one stop shop in town.

Are you ready to cut cable? Carefully consider your options before you take the plunge, or you could be disappointed.


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