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Top Reasons Your Company Should Be Investing in Social Paid Advertising

Top Reasons Your Company Should Be Investing in Social Paid Advertising

There are a number of options available to companies trying to connect with consumers and expand the reach of their brands.

Unfortunately, some seem to skimp on one of the easiest options when it comes to getting a brand in front of more people: Social paid advertising. While it’s true that organic engagement and other social media marketing techniques are important in building up the brand, this doesn’t mean that paid ads on social media should be avoided.

In fact, the more successful you are at building an impact on social platforms, the more useful paid ads can be to your brands.


Here are a few things to consider:

Increased Reach

Social paid advertising is a good way to increase the reach of a brand, even more so than standard social media engagement.

Social media is very competitive for businesses, with various brands competing for space on users’ timelines. Even when users follow a company or brand, the algorithms that determine what is shown and what isn’t may filter out some posts due to a lack of previous interactions or other factors. By placing paid ads in addition to normal posts and interactions, companies can increase the likelihood that users will see the posts that they want them to see. Because the ads are targeted, the users that see these ads will also be more likely to be interested in the brand.


Targeted Social Exposure

Having a strong social media presence is of the utmost importance for businesses of all sizes.

The use of social paid advertising lets you fine-tune your social exposure and introduce your page and content to users that fall into demographics that your company selects. This helps to ensure that those who are exposed to the ads will want to see them and will be likely to interact with them and possibly follow the brand’s social media accounts.

This targeting can make paid social ads actually more effective in some ways than posts that see organic sharing from users, as there is no guarantee that a user who shares a post will have friends that are also interested in the brand.


Exploring New Platforms

Social paid advertising is also a good way for your company to explore new platforms and see how good of a fit they are for your business needs.

Instead of spending time, money and effort establishing a social media presence on new platforms, placing test ads allows you to see whether there is an audience on the platform that you want to interact with. If the ads are met with a very positive response then it might be worth increasing overall activity on the new platform and possibly even making it a key part of the company’s social media strategies.


Mobile Access

A significant portion of social media users access the social media platforms they use via phones or other mobile devices.

It is estimated that around 80 percent of social media access comes from mobile devices. This provides an easy access point to mobile advertising, as different ads can be run for mobile users than users who access social media sites from a computer.

Given how many users frequent social media sites each day, targeting mobile users through paid social advertising is a great way to launch a dedicated mobile ad campaign without having to allocate additional resources to planning the campaign across different types of mobile access.


Value Proposition

With paid social media ads, you typically see more direct conversions than what you would achieve through organic growth.

Because you can target your ads specifically and highlight posts about sales, new products and services, those who see your ads will have a direct avenue to act without the slower buildup experienced by organic.

On top of that, targeted paid ads on social are easy to recalibrate and retarget on the fly. This can help you maximize the click-thru and fine-tune your targeting if you aren’t getting the results you want.




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