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Social Media Marketing on Reddit

Social Media Marketing on Reddit

Of all the social media platforms, the most understood is probably Reddit. In some ways, Reddit is the blacksheep of the social media family. Whereas Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are largely mainstream in the United States, Reddit is still a mystery to some.

But brands should pay attention to Reddit, because the platform wields a lot of influence in certain demographics, and it’s growing every quarter.

Why should you pay attention to Reddit? How about this:

Reddit is the sixth-most visited website on the Internet, according to Alexa. Reddit has more than 300 million active repeat monthly users, that’s more than 300 million people who visit the website at least twice per month.

And Reddit users are some of the most engaged you’ll find. According to Alexa, the average Reddit user spends more than eight minutes on the platform daily, a figure that’s twice as high as those who use Instagram daily, or Pinterest.

The Eight Rules for Marketing on Reddit

  1. Join the community
  2. Design a content strategy for Reddit
  3. Post original content on Reddit
  4. Target niche markets only
  5. Don’t be rude
  6. Listen before you speak
  7. Post regularly but don’t be annoying
  8. Provide value through engagement

Join the Reddit Community

If you want to run ads for your college courses on Facebook, you don’t need a large number of friends on the platform. If you want to tell a lot of people on Twitter about your product, you don’t need a big following. But if you want to market on Reddit, you better have a well cultivated Reddit account.

Users on Reddit are sophisticated. They can smell phonies, and they don’t like overt advertising and salesmanship. But they do like to get great content and find deals. But to get your brand in front of them, you’ll need to work diligently to join the community.

Join Reddit under your name, and tell people who you are. Participate in discussions and answer questions on threaded topics. Take your time before you start posting products and services and all of your own content. Earn a reputation as someone who is part of the community, not selling to the community.

Design a Content Strategy for Reddit

Would you run a radio advertisement on your local TV channel? Would you put a blog post on YouTube? No, of course not. And you shouldn’t run other marketing assets on Reddit. Location, location, location. It really matters.

Reddit is not Facebook, and it’s not Instagram. It’s unique, and it demands a marketing strategy tailored for their platform. In many cases, less is more on Reddit: so tone down the glitz and be real. Show users a little of what’s behind the curtain. Give them an exclusive, and as we said above, be part of the community to achieve credibility.

Post Original Content on Reddit

Don’t regurgitate content on the platform. While Reddit has plenty of link sharing and reactive content (especially controversial threaded discussions), you’ll want to create content specifically to appeal to Reddit users. Make that content exclusive to the platform, you’ll earn more upvotes.

Target niche markets only

The key to Reddit is the “Subreddit”, which are the micro communities where users discuss and revel in topics that they enjoy (or obsess over). Sell law services? There’s a Subreddit for legal help. Do you want folks to see your videos on car safety? There’s a Subreddit. Have content that appeals to fans of the Dallas Cowboys? There are more than 233,000 avid members on the largest Cowboys’ Subreddit.

Don’t waste time trying to reach the entire world. Just focus on the room where your target customers are.     

Don’t be rude

You’d be surprised how finicky Reddit users can be. So you’ll want to be careful how you interact with people. Make sure to be polite, and find people who are interested in the same things you are. Commonality leads to common outcomes.

Listen before you speak

When in doubt, listen to others in the Subreddits you frequent. Don’t get the reputation of being a blowhard, that looks very bad for your brand. Listen to the people around you, and only add value when you can actually…add value.

Post regularly but don’t be annoying

On Facebook you can run ads that target segments hourly. You can create sophisticated ad campaigns that roll your ads and content out to users in specific areas using customized language and imagery. On Reddit, you don’t want to do that. Less is more.

On Reddit, you want to post content and share your content with restraint. Don’t be the guy who floods their Subreddits with their own content. Share when you have something important to share, and focus on your best content.

User Engagement: Ask Me Anything

One of the most popular features on Reddit is the AMA (Ask Me Anything). Here’s how it works: you host a chat where you allow Reddit users to ask you anything.

Are you an expert on financial regulation? Host an AMA and prove it. Can you speak about college admissions and financial aid? Do it through an Ask Me Anything? Have a new movie coming out (or a new product)? Do it in an AMA.

An AMA is one of the best ways to engender yourself to the Reddit community. And it’s free.

Social Media marketing is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Have you examined the opportunities on Reddit? Before you embark on a Reddit marketing strategy, contact a social media marketing specialist at Koeppel Direct.

At Koeppel Direct we integrate your social media marketing strategy into your larger overall marketing strategy. That’s what makes us different from other marketing agencies. 

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