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Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options

Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options

Back in February, Facebook announced improvements to their algorithm in Ad Targeting, This popular feature is an effective way to tailor social media ads. In fact, no other social media platform offers the flexibility and comprehensive tools to manage ads that Facebook does.

Let’s look at the three most common Facebook Ads Targeting options.

Location Targeting

To access this option go to the “Location” tab in the ad creation screen. This is probably the option most familiar to advertisers on the Facebook ads platform.

Have a physical store location and want to advertise to people within five miles of it? Facebook lets you target your ads down to neighborhoods (in most cities). You can also target multiple zip codes or exclude areas (outside your delivery radius for example).

● Make your ads visible to Facebook users who live in a certain zip code or urban area.
● Exclude geographic regions or target certain states or counties.
● Target your ads to neighborhoods close to your retail location.

Detailed Targeting

To access this option go to the “Detailed” tab in the ad creation screen.

One of the most exciting features in Facebook As Targeting is the ability to show your advertisements to people who have purchased a certain product. How is this possible?

Facebook has partnerships with many online retailers, and that means you have access to much of that data. When you select the detailed targeting option called “Business Marketing” you can select Facebook users based on purchase behavior. For example, if a user has made a purchase on another website and used the same email address as the one they use for Facebook, you can add them to an audience for your Facebook ad campaign. Imagine if a Facebook user has purchased furniture online in the last three weeks, you could show them an ad for other in-home products like rugs, or end tables, or more. Please note: this feature is not available for all product categories.

Other ways you can use Detailed Facebook ads:

● Target your ads to people who have strong engagement with a certain Facebook page.
● Show your ads to an audience based on their age or gender.
● Narrow your audience to those people who are using a mobile device.
● Make your ads appear to only those Facebook users who clicked on a specific ad in the past.

Detailed ads can be created in many different ways. You can specify whether the household has children, owns a truck, lives in a rural or urban center., or has a college degree.

Maybe you’re a university and you wish to show your ads to Facebook users who have seniors in their household. You can do that.

A subset of detailed ads is “lookalike ads” which allow you to build powerful audiences even if you don’t have a large established set of data. For example, suppose you have a website but no email newsletter. You can upload the Google Analytics data on your website visitors (even if it’s relatively small) and Facebook will create an audience based on what your audience looks like. They will match you with the best users who most exemplify your website audience. This type of audience building is practically endless.

Connection Targeting

To access this option go to the “Connections” tab in the ad creation screen.

● You can widen your audience by targeting the friends of people who like your page.

“Birds of a feather flock together,” right? That’s what they say. It’s likely that some of the friends of the people who like your Facebook page or Facebook group, may also have a fondness for it. Your ads can be shown to this unique audience easily within the “Connection” section.

Which Facebook Ad targeting option is best for me?

This depends on your goals. Are you trying to create brand awareness? Are you trying to get foot traffic into your showroom? Is your goal to attract qualified leads for your services and products?
You’ll need to target your Facebook Ads to the core strategy that matches that goal. For example: use “detailed” targeting to find Facebook users who match a persona you’ve created for qualified leads for your new products. Or use “connection” targeting if your customers have a strong, consistent demographic.

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