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SEO Still Works, You Just Have To Do It Differently

SEO Still Works, You Just Have To Do It Differently

Is Search Engine Optimization dead? Did Content Marketing slay the SEO giant? Or is there still a pulse in the SEO marketing department? How many questions can I ask in an intro to an article?

The answer to one of those questions is this: SEO is still a viable digital marketing exercise, but it’s changed radically in the last few years. Modifications by search engine algorithms, the continued importance of social media, and the changes in user habits have led to major shifts in how SEO works (and doesn’t work) for your website.

If you want to have success with your content and earn qualified traffic to your website, you need to make sure your SEO efforts are not out of date. No one wants to waste time, everyone wants to have success. Follow these ten bullet points to a better SEO strategy.  

Five SEO tactics that used to work, but don’t now


  • Link building for link-building sake.

    Digital marketers used to spend lots of time getting links to their content from websites with a high pagerank. Don’t do that. Bake links into your content by including other organizations and experts. By using their voices or sharing their data, you will naturally gain a link. Relevant, useful links that help the end user are the only links you should actively try to earn. As Matt Cutts of Google has stated: “The objective is not to make your links appear natural, the objective is that your links are natural.” 

  • Stuffing a page with keywords and phrases.

    In fact, don’t focus primarily on keywords, instead make your priority the user experience.

  • Bad content with no purpose.

    There was a time when folks were ordering content for their website like it was lunch time. These “content farms” churned out articles and lists and infographics like beef jerky, and you didn’t want to see how the sausage was made. Poor content, ordered simply because it satisfies a keyword or serves as a vessel to point links, is useless. Instead, take your time to create great content that has a marketing plan behind it.

  • Guest blogging

    Guest blogging is out, and influencers are in. Align yourself with a popular influencer who appeals to your target demographic, and partner on content that will help their audience and lead people to yours.

  • Duplicate content

    Duplicate content is a very bad idea. Don’t create multiple pages that aim at the same keyword or phrase. Do it once and do it right, or if you aren’t going to create a great piece of content, don’t do it at all.  



Five SEO tactics that work now


  • Write content for human beings:

    this may seem oversimplified, but make sure your content is being written for people, not algorithms. Google and Bing are smart enough to know when a piece of content stinks, when it exists solely to satisfy their algorithm. Google wants to serve search results for content that is useful to people not robots.

  • Break up your content using header tags:

    this is an oldie that still works. Use H2, H3, and H4 tags to support the H1 tag of your page, to signal Google what your content is about. It’s also easier to read.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words:

    Ok, maybe not a thousand words, but optimized photos are crucial for SEO. Why? Because search engines index your photos too, and if they have strange file names like “IMG20200904567789.jpg” no one will know what they are. Name your photos appropriately, make sure they’re as small in file size as possible, and make sure you have the rights to use them. 

  • Get Fast:

    check your page load times and improve them. Google values the user experience, and more users are connecting via mobile devices, which means your website needs to load quickly. Just when you think it’s fast enough, make it a little quicker.

  • Take a NAP:

    No pillows necessary, NAP means Name, Address, and Phone Number. Add those three important pieces of information to every page of your website. You want customers to contact you, don’t you? This tactic is especially critical if you are seeking to appear in local search results.



Many agencies claim they can work with any client, but can they really? The SEO needs of small biz and mid-level organizations are different than large-scale enterprise businesses. You’re big, you’re a major player in your market, and you’re special. At Koeppel Direct we work with Fortune 500 companies on Search Engine Optimization, mapping out a strategy so you can be found online and earn organic traffic.



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