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The Next Evolution in Advertising: Spotify, Pandora & Digital Radio

The Next Evolution in Advertising: Spotify, Pandora & Digital Radio

There has long been an adage in advertising that “radio gets results” due to how ingrained radio broadcasts are in our culture.

While it may not be the popular form of entertainment that it once was, radio and other kinds of audio media still persist and can be found in offices, restaurants, morning commutes and in a variety of other common situations.

In fact, there’s a good chance that at least part of your marketing budget is already focused on radio advertising. If that interest in radio is only targeting over-the-air radio broadcasts, however, then there is an opportunity that you might be missing.


The Rise of Streaming Audio

As more and more consumers have moved toward being constantly connected to high-speed internet through wireless and mobile devices in recent years, streaming audio has enjoyed significant growth.

Leading the charge are companies like Spotify, Pandora and various digital radio apps. With mobile carriers beginning a shift to 5G wireless, the availability of internet connections and the popularity of streaming digital audio is only going to grow moving forward. This presents a significant opportunity for marketers as most of these platforms are supported by ads for free users.


Cost-Effective Options

One big advantage of digital streaming audio is that it is often more cost-effective than other options when it comes to marketing budgets and conversion cost-per-lead.

The digital platforms that provide streaming audio allow marketers to finely target who hears their ads, increasing the likelihood that listeners will be interested in the products or services being advertised. Display ads are often coupled with audio ads, giving users an easy way to click through for more information while listening.

Video ads may also be offered within the apps, increasing the cost of advertising but still providing lower overall ad costs than many other platforms.


Planning Audio Campaigns

While there are display and even video options available in most streaming audio apps, it’s the audio component of your ads that will by the primary way that users experience your marketing efforts.

Some users do actively interact with the apps while listening to music or have a desktop client running on the screen in front of them, but a large number of users also listen with their phone screens turned off or their apps minimized. To reach these users you need compelling audio content that will capture the imagination and leave the listener wanting to learn more. Your advertising campaign should keep this in mind, crafting compelling ads that are experienced through audio first and foremost.

While video and display are still components of the ads, the audio needs to draw in the listener first.


Streaming Audio and Your Marketing Budget

Digital radio and other streaming audio options provide great opportunities for reaching new users at a better price point than some other marketing alternatives.

Provided that your products and brands can be conveyed well through a largely audio format, it is definitely a solid option to add to your marketing efforts. Given that these platforms are growing at an impressive rate and will see continued growth into the 5G era, it is possible that these platforms might even become significant contributors to the returns that your company experiences in its advertising efforts.

With that said, it’s important to recognize that digital streaming audio advertising works best as a compliment to other advertising types for most brands. While there are definitely some brands and products that would benefit from heavy investment in streaming audio ads, over-committing to these platforms may not provide the desired ROI for others. Consider how well your ads translate to the audio space and how your message will resonate with listeners to help determine how much of a force audio streaming should be in your ad budget.



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