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Digital Radio is Transforming Audio Content and Offering Advertisers New Ways to Reach Ears

Digital Radio is Transforming Audio Content and Offering Advertisers New Ways to Reach Ears

There was a time when radio was the killer app: Americans received the latest news and were entertained by the medium. Living rooms became “listening rooms,” and furniture was actually arranged to make the large wooden radio sets the centerpiece of the home.

Before television, radio pushed the boundaries of entertainment and advertising. There was “The Texaco Radio Hour,” “Hallmark Playhouse,” and something called “Alka Seltzer Time.” Advertisers were front and center as radio took over the airwaves. When TV became king, radio stepped back, but still provided a powerful way to reach consumers with content and ad messaging. 

The Internet took a while to disrupt traditional radio, but disrupt it did. By the late 1990s, people like Mark Cuban, with his internet radio pioneer, were blazing a new trail. As broadband speeds increased, more radio crossed over to the Internet. At first, it was the same programming that media companies produced for traditional radio, but gradually new audio content emerged. Enter the podcast.


Podcasts are changing the way people listen to content

As of February 2020,  more than 90 million people listen to at least one podcast per month, and there are an estimated 820,000 podcasts with more than 28 million episodes available (according to The Apple Store offers more than half a million podcasts.

Some podcasters have audiences that dwarf television programming. Comedians Joe Rogan and Chelsea Handler have parlayed their celebrity and engaging personality into podcasts that draw tens of millions of unique listeners every month. Some folks, like Dax Shepard and the guys behind Serial, have made their chops as podcasters, earning huge audiences. Serial’s true-crime podcast has had more than 100 million downloads in its history. But it’s not just celebrities who draw listeners: National Public Radio podcasts boast more than 23 million unique monthly listeners, and the New York Times draws nearly ten million.  

The most popular topics of podcasts are music, television and movies, comedy, technology, and games and hobbies, according to a Nielsen Podcast Insights report. Advertisers are finding Pandora advertising and Spotify advertising cost-effective and beneficial. The resources needed to create a Pandora Ad are far less expensive than producing a national or regional radio campaign.  

Podcasts are changing the way people interact with radio and audio content, and creators are using the platform to revolutionize delivery of streaming content. David Field of Entercom has called podcasting an integral part of an “audio renaissance.” 


Digital Radio and Podcasting Provide Growing Audiences for Advertisers  

The dynamic new content being created by digital radio producers is offering advertisers an exciting opportunity for streaming radio advertising. The cost for advertising on digital radio are lower than other forms of advertising, and they can be implemented quicker. Some channels can have your ads in their rotation within days.

Podcasts breed loyalty, and listeners come back more often than for any other form of digital content. That means audiences place more trust in the ads they hear on their favorite podcasts. Often, the popular hosts are using their voice to tell your brand message, which strengthens your connection to the consumer. In addition, as the podcast grows, your brand awareness grows and benefits from association with a burgeoning digital channel. 

Because digital radio and podcasts can be streamed anywhere, when you advertise on them you extend your reach. A solid digital radio and podcast ad campaign scales your marketing and sets it up for new markets. Brand awareness isn’t all you’ll get, you’ll also attract customers from zip codes you’ve never been able to reach before. You want new customers, don’t you?    


Five Benefits to Advertising on Digital Radio

  • Apps like Pandora and Spotify give you access to targeted audiences.
  • Production costs for digital ads are far lower than traditional advertisements.
  • Ad buys are cheaper because they can be purchased as part of a larger bulk buy program.
  • Digital radio listeners are increasing by 10 percent every year, while terrestrial radio and traditional TV audiences are slowing or decreasing.
  • Digital radio ad campaigns can be launched more quickly than other media advertising. 


Five Facts About Podcast Listeners

  • The audience for podcasts is growing faster than any other segment of the Internet population, according to a Digital Audio Advertising report.
  • By 2020, for the first time, more people will listen to digital audio than terrestrial (or traditional) radio.
  • Podcast subscribers are 8X as likely to return to consume content than visitors to a website (according to Podcast Daily News).  
  • According to Nielsen ratings, in 2019 the average number of episodes heard per week increased by 10%. Nielsen estimates that the total number of podcast listeners (those who listen to at least three podcasts weekly) could double within the next five years. 
  • Podcast listeners are diverse: they average seven different programs each week. They also prove to be attentive consumers: 80 percent listen to at least one entire podcast weekly.


Getting Started with Digital Radio Advertising

The first step is admitting your current advertising campaigns could be more diverse and scalable. With a strategic digital marketing campaign, you can bolster other marketing efforts by messaging about new products and services to a growing and diverse audience. Koeppel Direct surveys your marketing strategy and finds out where a Streaming Radio Advertising campaign can best help you. We offer a free brand assessment and in most cases, we can have your ads playing on a digital radio channel or podcast within days rather than weeks.




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