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Programmatic advertising uses software to automate the process of media buying in real time in order to create audience efficiencies and improve ROI. There are three primary attributes of programmatic media buying:

  • Automation: Based upon specific criteria such as target audience, geography, and desired programming type, programmatic ad buying leverages automation to enable optimization. Rather than rely on manual and labor-intensive media buying and optimization, programmatic advertising uses technology to streamline workflow.
  • Addressability: With the ability to identify the characteristics and consumption habits of audiences down to the household and individual, programmatic advertising allows advertisers to deliver unique messages to micro-audiences. This increases the relevancy of individual ads, improving the chances that a consumer will respond to the message of a specific ad tailored to their interests.
  • Real-Time Bidding (RTB): Because the amount of available advertising space is fluid at any given time, programmatic advertising allows advertisers to bid on available ad inventory in real time, with dynamic pricing. Therefore, based upon supply and demand, advertisers can take greater advantage of opportunistic pricing to deliver the targeted number of impressions they seek.

Programmatic Advertising Media Buying Body CopyAt Koeppel Direct, we are experts at both programmatic TV and programmatic digital advertising. However, we believe it is foolish to rely on technology alone. That is why we leverage decades of hands on media planning and buying experience to ensure that the programmatic marketing process has direct human oversight that will ensure the delivery of campaign goals. This combination of software and human touch work in tandem to ensure that we take full advantage of the benefits of programmatic advertising, which include:

  • Targeting the precise audience attributes of high-value customers while excluding low-value ones. This data allows us to pursue other high-value customers by mirroring the audience attributes and programming environments that deliver the best ROI.
  • Enabling a unified inventory source, allowing for unique reach and frequency and recency control across multiple providers. Recency control is the ability to manage remarketing of the same advertising message to an audience and, in this case, across multiple platforms.
  • Bidding in direct proportion to a user’s propensity to convert through auction-based Real-Time Bidding. This essentially allows us to monitor the spend to ensure that it continues to deliver the targeted Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) which measures leads or dollars generated in proportion to the media spend.
  • Automating optimization of campaign variables with as much or as little human intervention as is necessary to deliver the target objectives of each individual campaign.

According to eMarketer, domestic programmatic ad spend will reach $33 billion this year and is expected to grow by about 20% annually – and that’s faster than the growth in social and video advertising spend. In fact, 62% of brand marketers are currently using this automated method to plan and buy media. Contact Koeppel Direct today for all your programmatic advertising agency needs and discover how we can put the best of automation and our unparalleled media planning and buying experience to work for your marketing campaign.


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