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Welcome to the leading educational page for learning more about media buying services. Our goal is to provide information about successful approaches to direct response media buying. Here, you can learn about the requirements for effective media buying, the services to look for when choosing an agency, and tips and tricks on getting the most out of your media investment.

With 63% of the adult American population watching, Direct Response TV (DRTV) is a great way to connect with customers – from driving direct sales to gaining website engagement. Discover how to successfully set up a DRTV campaign, and how direct response television helps businesses like yours connect with audiences most interested in your products and services.


What is Media Buying?


    • Media buying is the strategic planning and purchasing of DRTV (direct response television) spots, radio advertisements, internet advertisements and print media.
    • A key element of an effective media buying service is the ability to integrate multiple channels, in order to maximize profits from direct response advertising.




Media Buying Process



What is the Media Buying Process?

What is the Media Buying Process?


  • If you stay informed about the media buying process, you will be better equipped to organize a successful direct response campaign.
  • DRTV media tests typically cost between $20,000 and $25,000.
  • A DRTV test schedule usually consists of national cable networks that effectively and efficiently reach the target audience.
  • A DRTV media test typically runs over the course of one to four weeks.
  • Following the test, results are analyzed to determine the viability of the DRTV campaign and to evaluate the media buying process.
  • Often, various elements of the DRTV campaign are tweaked following an analysis of the test results, including the telemarketing script, media buying process, offer, price point, online advertising, web results, etc., in order to optimize the performance of the DRTV campaign.
  • Once the DRTV campaign is rolled-out, the media budgets are increased, while maintaining the targeted ROI.
  • Successful DRTV product campaigns typically run over the course of three to six months.
  • When the DRTV results begin to drop off, direct response marketers then often take their products to retail.
  • Once the product is taken to retail, marketers should continue their DRTV campaign to drive retail traffic and sales.
  • DRTV lead generation campaigns typically are ongoing if leads can be produced cost-effectively. Many leading brands utilize DRTV to generate leads for their product or service.
  • With a successful DRTV campaign, media buys will be your largest expenditure, so it’s important to understand all aspects of the media buying process.


What is the Cost of Media Buying?

What is the Cost of Media Buying?


  • The cost of DRTV media buying can vary, depending on the stations and spot times purchased.
  • An advantage of DRTV campaigns is that DRTV media rates are significantly lower than traditional TV media rates.
  • This allows DRTV marketers to brand and sell their products with higher cost-efficiency.
  • Because potential customers respond to DRTV campaigns through a phone number or website, DRTV media buying gives marketers and retail buyers the ability to monitor and report the success of TV campaigns in real-time.
  • Brand Direct Response agencies also provide their clients with the traditional media plan metrics they are accustomed to, including GRP’s, impressions, CPM’s, Cost Per Point and Rating Points.
  • Direct Response TV’s low cost, flexibility, and focus on ROI maximizes media buying results.


How Do I Find the Right Media Buyer?

How Do I Find the Right Media Buyer?


An experienced media buyer uses research and expertise to make strategic buys in Direct Response TV, print, radio, and online media. Effective media buying yields a measurable increase in sales of your products or services.

When searching for the right media buyer, look for the following elements:


  • Experience

The more experienced a DRTV media buyer is, the more knowledge and expertise they have to buy the most profitable media at the lowest price for your DRTV or online campaign. Find out how many years the media buying firm has been in the industry before selecting them. Also, determine the area of direct response media buying they specialize in. Some firms are experts at selling products through DRTV and others specialize in lead generation campaigns.


  • An Impressive Portfolio

Before selecting a DRTV media buyer, ask them to give you examples of similar campaigns for which they have bought media.


  • Tools For Media Buying Research And Analysis

Find out if the media buying service has any proprietary software or tools. You should ask if the media buying firm has a database of media buys that worked for competitive products or services that share a similar target audience.


  • Flexibility

Find a media buying service that has the ability to customize their buys to the specific needs of your DRTV campaign. This requires the knowledge to creatively plan and negotiate media.


  • Successful Past Results

Look for a media buying service that has tested and rolled out profitable DRTV campaigns.




How Do I Track, Analyze & Optimize Media Buying Results?

How Do I Track, Analyze & Optimize Media Buying Results?


  • In order to ensure profitability and success, an experienced DRTV media buying service can use their expertise to help you manage your DRTV campaign.
  • While searching for the right DRTV media buying service, take note of firms that have specialized or proprietary media buying software. This sort of tool gives them the power to automatically obtain daily reports from the telemarketing companies, which the media buying agency can then use to track, analyze, and optimize results.
  • This allows DRTV marketers to brand and sell their products with higher cost-efficiency.
  • Leading DRTV media buying services employ full-time analysts that monitor campaigns on a continuous basis. Their job is to ensure that the media bought for each client is leading to profitable results.
  • The analysts align with the firm’s DRTV media buyers to make sure that media buys are executed based on developing trends in the marketplace that could arise during the DRTV campaign.


10 Tips About DRTV For Effective Media Buying

10 Tips About DRTV For Effective Media Buying


  1. Cut advertising costs by including DRTV in your media buying strategy.
  2. To ensure high quality and customer response, hire a professional production team to produce your DRTV commercial.
  3. Track your ROI so that you can adjust your media buying for the best results.
  4. Make sure your telemarketers understand the product and are polite toward callers.
  5. Include a deal in your DRTV offer so that it is more appealing to your viewers.
  6. Tell a story in your DRTV commercial to show how it could improve your target audience’s life.
  7. Repetition of contact information is key in direct response television.
  8. Include both an 800 number and a website for the customer to order or obtain more information about your product or service.
  9. Make sure you understand who your target audience is so you can effectively target your DRTV media buy
  10. Work with a DRTV media buying firm that knows how to optimize media buys, in order to maximize your campaign’s ROI


Why Choose Koeppel Direct For Your Agency?

Why Choose Koeppel Direct For Your Agency?


  • Our media buying service is a leading direct response media buying agency.
  • We specialize in Direct Response TV, online, radio and print campaign management designed to drive multi-channel sales.
  • By using an integrated media buying strategy, a qualified media buying service can obtain high quality, measurable results for your direct media investment.

We provide the Following Media Buying Services:

  • Media Buying Campaign Management – Including integration of Direct Response TV, online, print and radio media buying, production, telemarketing, fulfillment, reporting and analysis
  • Research utilizing our sophisticated audience profile and tracking platform
  • Testing, analysis and rollout
  • Reporting, utilizing industry-leading Catalyst and Core DR Media Software
  • Trafficking of commercials
  • Full-time research and analytics staff
  • Integration of DRTV and online campaigns to maximize results





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