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With Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTC), you bring your product directly to consumers instead of using a media middle man to do it for you. Think of a television commercial, radio ad, podcast, or online video, even a flyer mailed directly to consumers. The most effective DTC campaigns typically utilize a personal storytelling format backed by data to inform the consumer of the benefits of your product. A well-orchestrated DTC campaign leads to sales at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising while speaking directly to the customer.


“People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago,
so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction.” –Brian Halligan, founder & CEO of HubSpot


Why Direct to Consumer Advertising


Koeppel Direct can devise your Direct to Consumer strategy from conception to implementation. Our experts have the experience to craft your message and guide you through the process of marketing direct to your consumer. Once your message is created, our marketing professionals get you on the platform to best reach consumers that will be interested in your product. We have the years of experience to buy the media spots you’ll need so your commercial, radio spot, or online content gets to the right place. 


Direct to Consumer Advertising


Direct to Consumer Benefits



Are you concerned about the cost of your marketing efforts? You should be, it makes sense. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to manage expenses and ensure results. That’s why we like direct-to-consumer advertising so much: our clients see results at a fraction of the cost.   

Direct to Consumer advertising has three important benefits:

  • Target consumers with a specific message that appeals to them by demographic
  • Maintain the integrity of your marketing message by sharing direct testimonials
  • Control the costs of your marketing campaign



Direct to Consumer Solutions



No one knows your business better than you because you live it every day. That’s why infusing your voice into your marketing with Direct to Consumer advertising is so engaging.

How A DTC Strategy Works:

  • DTC allows you to choose the medium and craft a message based on your target audience
  • Your commercial or radio spot etc. includes your voice and data to support the benefits of your product
  • Because you design and craft your marketing campaign, you control the cost



Common Pain Points



Do you know your brand story? The story of your product and why you decided to share it with the world? You better, because that authenticity is what consumers crave. Once you shape that story, you’ll be on your way to developing a productive direct-to-consumer ad strategy. If you haven’t taken the time to do this, you’ll be drifting like an untethered innertube in a restless river. 

Do You Have These Problems?

  • Difficulty reaching consumers
  • Inability to tell the story of your product to customers
  • Trouble controlling costs of your marketing efforts


How We Solve Them



Too often we hear clients say their target audience is “everyone.” Tsk tsk, that’s rarely (if ever) true. Unless your product is sunshine. Every product and service has an ideal customer, and you need to narrow your efforts to appeal to that demographic. That’s an important first step that leads to these others, all of which help eliminate “marketing fog” that confuses your efforts.

How We Can Help:

  • Market research to identify your ideal customer (and your ideal platform) 
  • Professionally produced marketing materials and storytelling 
  • Elimination of media middle man, narrowing of marketing channels


Market Advantage


Ads and Retargeting

Direct to Consumer Advertising allows a special opportunity for you to differentiate your product from your competition. Differentiation is crucial because it results in a clear choice for consumers. It can also increase your ability to demand a premium for your product. Consumers will pay more for what they can’t get elsewhere, and DTC is a great way to tell them why your product can uniquely help them.





Why Koeppel Direct?


Marketing Brief

At Koeppel Direct we use a flat organization model, which means our specialists are closely involved in decision-making for the marketing campaigns we devise for our clients. Our leadership team has decades of experience working in media and marketing. Our staff continually works to stay educated on the latest strategies and trends in the industry. Our direct to consumer agency provides a small company feel with big clout.






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