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Search Engine Optimization is the lifeblood of your website. Nearly every aspect of your website has SEO flowing through it, from design to content to functionality, and even your address and phone number. If you have a website and you’re not thinking about SEO, it’s like having a car and not gassing it up.

Every day, 3.5 billion searches are made on Google. That’s a lot of people looking for a pharmacy, searching for a dog park or trying to find a good pair of shoes. And it’s consumers looking for your products and services, whether it’s a new mountain bike, a restaurant, or business consulting services. How you are found and whether you are found at all, is determined by your commitment to Search Engine Optimization.


“If your content isn’t driving conversation,
you’re doing it wrong.” –Dan Roth, LinkedIn’s executive editor



When you think about Search Engine Optimization, think about being found. If you owned a store would you assume people knew you were open for business? Or would you need to help customers find you? A search engine like Google is how you get found. In order to get Google to work for you, it’s critical to know SEO best practices.

Let’s tackle each of our service offerings one at a time:

Search Engine Optimization Services



SEO Website Audit

We check every page of your website and note where improvements can be made for SEO performance. This includes title tags, meta descriptions, image SEO, site design, navigation, and website load time. We also take a peek at some of your competitors to see what you’re up against.



Keyword Research

This is where we use Search Engine volume data to see what keywords you should target. We discover the most profitable keywords for your business by conducting competitor and industry research.


Technical Website SEO

We implement the changes outlined in the SEO Website Audit, focusing on the structural website tweaks and SEO best practices for technical issues, Meta, images and graphics, and navigation.



On-Page SEO

Any tactics that impact the actual content or UX on your web pages is called On-Page SEO. We use our keyword list to guide us in crafting the copy and structure of every page, and we are mindful of Google Ranking Factors while performing this important step.



Off-Page SEO

Some folks call this “link building”, but it’s more than that. Koeppel Direct uses a combination of internal and external linking strategies to build a quality link profile.



Local SEO

Can you be found in Google Maps and Google Shopping? Can people find your contact info on your website? We make sure your local SEO is performing well and you are visible to local customers.



Outreach Strategy

An important part of Off-Page SEO is creating relationships with other websites that will benefit you. This often-overlooked tactic can provide fantastic results. Our digital marketing team is skilled at fostering relationships with your business partners, vendors, and others who are a natural fit to create content with or link with.



Guest Posting and Blogging

A good way to earn trust in your industry is to write articles that share your expertise and have them published on popular websites. This extends your reach and typically earns backlinks. Blogging is a proven way to get organic search traffic. That’s earned traffic that comes to your website month-after-month.


Content Marketing

An orchestrated content marketing strategy is important for fueling your Search Engine Optimization efforts. It provides added value to your current and potential customers.



Lead Nurturing

The majority of customers aren’t ready to buy the first time they reach your site. Shopping habits have changed and you need to help customers down the buyer’s journey until they are ready to purchase by suppling materials that help them make an informed decision.



Social Media Management

Social Media is the easiest way to connect with customers on a personal level. Our social media management team can help provide a voice and facilitate communication with your current and potential customers.


Ongoing SEO Maintenance

Your SEO strategy needs to be maintained, monitored, and adjusted as needed. At Koeppel Direct we keep a watchful eye on your SEO performance and provide reports so you can track your progress. 




Why invest in SEO?



To succeed in business, especially online, you need to compete on an equal footing. Or better yet, hold an edge. Search Engine Optimization ensures you have the best practices in place to be found online. Done well, SEO can vault you ahead of your competition. Don’t get caught in an unfair fight, make sure you’re standing on solid ground by executing a solid SEO strategy for your website. 

Main SEO Benefits:

  • Improved performance in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)
  • Increased traffic via backlinks
  • Better website experience
  • More customers online and offline


Most important SEO features


When’s the last time you thought about robots? If you have a website you better because search engines like Google use bots to look at your site and learn about your services and products. Search Engine Optimization is about sending the correct signals to Google’s bots while simultaneously making your website useful for humans. The humans are most important, (and easier to hug).

How We Can Help:

  • The execution of your SEO strategy will improve your Search Engine Ranking
  • An outreach strategy combined with guest blogging and content marketing can increase inbound traffic to your website.
  • When we optimize your site for SEO, we focus on making the website experience better for people to use. This is accomplished through improved navigation, clear call-to-actions, page load times, and more.
  • Local SEO strategies can greatly improve your findability, which results in more online orders, phone calls, or foot traffic to your location. 


Common SEO Problems


If folks can’t find you and find you fast...your business will fail. If someone needs a lawyer in Dallas, they will choose from one of the lawyers Google shows them on the search results page. If a consumer needs a new roof, they will look at your ratings review and judge your business by the quality of your website. It happens every day millions and millions of times. What’s worse than not being chosen? Not even existing. And if your SEO is bad or non-existent, you’re invisible online. 

Do You Have These Problems?

  • Prospective customers can’t find us on Google
  • Our Search Engine listing is wrong or not optimized
  • Our website doesn’t convert and is difficult to use
  • We don’t know how to earn traffic to our website


We Solve Problems


SEO is not easy and it’s not a magic elixir you rub on a wound to grow wings. If you want to fly, you need to put in the diligent work of Search Engine Optimization. Once you have a professional SEO specialist execute your plan, your website will be better positioned to perform well in Google and other search services. SEO done the proper way will deliver results. 

Why Partner With An SEO Specialist:

  • Bolster Local SEO and implement overall improvement of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO
  • Essential SEO tactics will improve your site description and SERP listing
  • Improve navigation, streamline pages so website visitors understand what each page is about
  • Plan and execute a Content Marketing strategy


What to look for in an SEO agency


Open your email, go ahead. Open it right now and check to see if you’ve received an email in the last thirty days about Search Engine Optimization. Odds are that you have. Because there are countless “SEO companies” offering services that promise you this or that. They make outrageous claims and offer to shoot your website to the first page of Google.

There are no shortcuts to good SEO. That’s the distinguishing advantage you’ll get from Koeppel Direct. We plan, execute, measure, and adjust. We don’t promise you magic results, we promise you realistic improvement. We’re confident you’ll see results from our SEO work: you’ll move up in the SERPS, you’ll get more customers, and your website will perform better. 


Why choose Koeppel


We’re working to improve SEO for our clients every day, which means we’re in tune with what Google and other search engines expect from websites. We don’t use black or grey hat tactics, and we don’t charge you for mystical SEO work that you don’t understand. We communicate every step of the way, and we fully expect to see great results for you and your business.







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