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Imagine a room filled with potential customers. Let’s imagine fifty people. Do they look the same? If you could talk to each of them for one minute, would they say the same things? Would they have the same problems? Would all of them want to solve their problems the same way?

Of course not. People are different. Which is why your marketing strategy can’t be the same for everyone.

Maybe one of your potential customers is itching to get your product. He simply needs to find out what size he needs. Or maybe another customer isn’t sure, she hasn’t decided between your product and a competitor. Another person in that room has heard very little about your product (or nothing at all). They need to be educated, to see your product in all its glory. Add to this mix the “bored customer” who needs to be entertained. And so on.


Lead nurturing is the process of coaxing prospects
further into the sales funnel through tailored communication.

Lead Nurturing Buyer's Journey

Why Lead Nurturing?

An effective Lead Nurturing strategy uses marketing that appeals to potential buyers or customers. It provides answers and help to potential customers at every level of the sales funnel or “buyers journey” while using methods that appeal to many different types of people. Lead Nurturing marketers base their efforts on the specific needs of the customer, not the bias of the organization. It’s more listening than telling.


  • Lead Nurturing develops relationships at each level of the buyers’ journey
  • Utilizes different forms of content and marketing strategy
  • Is customer-based, not organization-based


Lead Nurturing utilizes different forms of content and marketing strategy


Lead Nurturing Strategies


Account-Based Marketing



Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has been described as “the spear that replaces the fish net.” Why cast a wide net when you can aim to find the specific customers that will grow your business? An effective ABM campaign identifies ideal companies for your B2B sales department and implements a strategy to personalize your marketing efforts.

An enterprise-level organization faces unique challenges that require unique solutions. Why stand elbow-to-elbow in the crowd of marketing companies trying to get their attention? An ABM plan from Koeppel Direct works with your sales and marketing teams, and connects with every platform of your business, to build a dedicated process for cozying up to your “great white whale” customer.

Did you realize that right now there are probably hundreds, maybe thousands or tens of thousands of people who have pre-committed to buy your services or products? Do you know who they are, where they are, what they need? An account-based marketing strategy separates the pre-committed leads and identifies only those leads who need nurturing. That means more meaningful marketing, with reduced waste and guesswork.


  • Marketing that identifies your ideal customers
  • A strategy that involves your entire business (sales, leadership, marketing)
  • Nurtures leads who have pre-identified as your ideal customer



Multi-Channel Marketing



How do you like your eggs? What if I said I didn’t care? You get scrambled, and you’ll like it! Well, that’s your business if your marketing strategy is choosing channels for your customers. With multi-channel marketing you interact with potential customers across a multitude of channels based on their desired platform. Over-easy, hard-boiled, cheesy omelette, step right up!

In Multi-Channel Marketing, the professional marketers at Koeppel Direct use websites, email, text messaging, live online chat, social media, direct mail, television, radio, catalogs, and more to provide a customized experience for your lead nurturing. A qualified lead may live on Twitter and listen to their radio four hours a day. If you only target them on Facebook and with banner advertising, how will you reach them?


  • Marketing strategy tailored to the desires of your audience
  • Content that best fits each marketing channel and platform
  • Synchronized marketing (social media complements



Content Marketing



Throw a dart and you’ll hit a company that provides content marketing. What is it? How does it impact your bottom line? An effective content marketing strategy results in content that’s targeted to your potential customers. It also utilizes marketing strategy to get noticed. “Content Marketing” has two words, right? Don’t just create content and ignore the second word in that phrase. If your content can’t be found by the right people, what’s the point?

Koeppel Direct crafts content aimed at a specific level of the sales funnel. Need a services summary to introduce to top-of-the-funnel leads? Need features and benefits content to top a lead into the customer category? How about post-sales content to cement customer retention? We can create that content (which is step #1) and implement a marketing plan to get your content into the workflow (that’s step #2).


  • Content Marketing attracts leads through the publication of relevant content
  • Content can either be indirect or directly related to products and services
  • Marketing plan should support the discovery of your content



Email Marketing



Do you know how effective Email Marketing is? It’s the “original killer” app, and after all these years it’s still rolling along, an affordable method for connecting with new customers. But end users are savvier than ever, and your email marketing campaigns require purposeful intent. Each email should have a clear call-to-action and be measured for effectiveness.

Email marketing for lead nurturing is powerful because it can be used as the central piece of a marketing campaign or to support other marketing efforts at every stage of the sales funnel. At Koeppel Direct we also recognize the importance of email campaign analysis, so we can adjust our efforts to support your goals.


  • Emails either “sell or tell” (prompt a buyer response or inform/entertain)
  • Uses language that appeals to specific personas
  • Supports other marketing efforts



Ads and Retargeting


Ads and Retargeting

Asked to identify the most confusing area of marketing strategy, business owners responded to a 2018 survey by Pew Research with “online advertising and remarketing/retargeting”. Koeppel Direct has managed thousands of online ads and customized retargeting campaigns.

The art of a remarketing or retargeting strategy is to identify the messaging that will move potential customers down the sales funnel. If your retargeting campaign is based on “branding” please stop now and let us help you focus your efforts. An ad campaign should direct your leads to a landing page designed for them and aimed at conversions.

Retargeting works brilliantly with supporting email marketing campaigns and social media messaging. There’s a delicate balance between being obtrusive and helpful, and a well-designed strategy knows the difference.


  • Meets your potential customers where they spend most of their time
  • Designed to fold into your existing marketing efforts
  • Coordination with Lead Nurturing landing pages
  • ROI-dependent marketing
  • Problem solving, not bothersome



Lead Nurturing Process



Marketing Brief


Marketing Brief

Are you on step forty-two when you haven’t even done step one? A Marketing Brief is phase one of any marketing strategy. A marketing professional uses a brief to establish the purpose of their marketing efforts, and to define goals. Using market analysis, competitor research, personas, and more, a Marketing Brief is specific and detailed. It’s the first tool you use to build a solid marketing platform for your business.

Please do not skip this step. Like an electrician who doesn’t ground himself when he’s starting a job, you’ll be in danger if you attempt to take your business online without a  comprehensive market strategy. Let Koeppel Direct’s marketing team slide this important piece in place for you.


  • Defines the goals and purpose of a marketing strategy
  • Identifies the target audience
  • Lays out the specific actions needed to meet your goals
  • Details the methods used to measure the marketing strategy






Did you know that 96% of visitors who come to your website aren’t ready to buy yet? * So, you’ve attracted a visitor to your website or landing page: is your work done? Not by a long shot. Marketing Automation is the art of messaging to your leads and making attractive content available to them automatically, which helps them decide to become your customer.

Marketing Automation is not magic. Only through the use of your Marketing Brief, campaign strategy, and a multi-channel approach, will you nurture leads into customers. But you can automate the process of communicating and nudging them through the buying cycle. By using email, social media, SMS, online chat, traditional mail order, and more, you can help potential customers navigate their way to the end goal: a relationship with your brand.


  • Improves marketing efficiency while eliminating redundancy
  • Identifies opportunities to engage customers on their terms
  • Assists in “wayfinding” marketing



Integration Between Sales and Marketing



Who has the best grasp of what your customers need? Your sales staff. They interact with your potential and existing customers every day. Do you know what they know? Do you understand what they understand about the needs of your customers? You should. The best marketing strategies involve both your sales and marketing teams, mixing their knowledge and skills in a perfect stew of marketing goodness. And who doesn’t love a yummy stew?

Through the use of well-tested processes and enterprise solutions, Koeppel Direct has experience designing systems that coordinate both the sales and marketing departments. Often, one has knowledge (think “content”) that the other had no idea existed. Frequently, one side is unaware of why or how a marketing strategy is supposed to be successful.

If “customer confusion” is a problem in your business, then you need a tighter collaboration between your marketing and sales teams. Don’t let the confusion become chaos.


  • Achieve institutional buy-in of your marketing efforts
  • Assign ownership of your campaign strategies
  • Streamline back office processes
  • Free your staff to engage with customers to close leads and improve retention



Marketing Campaign Analysis, Reporting and ROI



Suppose you want to lose weight. You start an exercise program to accomplish that goal. But if you never step on a scale. How will that work for you? If you don’t measure your efforts, how will you know what’s working?

Marketing Campaign analysis is crucial for success, and you want to be successful, don’t you? That’s why we designed an advanced attribution platform that guarantees accurate tracking across all direct response marketing channels and allows for real-time analysis of your results and adjustment of your campaign strategy as needed. We don’t fall in love with tactics if they aren’t proven to succeed. Smart is better than smug. Nimble is better than rigid.

Through analysis and detailed reporting, we gain an understanding of the Return on Investment on your marketing strategy. Are we acquiring qualified leads? Are we moving them through the sales funnel? Is our content and messaging effective? How many leads are converting and at what cost?


  • Measures success of each marketing campaign
  • Recognizes the different meanings of success across channels
  • Provides multiple metrics to analyze your campaigns, tailored to your business






Sharpspring Automation Features


Drive more leads
  • VisitorID: Tie form submissions to previous anonymous traffic to identify content consumed and better determine the quality of a lead
  • Dynamic forms: Capture incremental information each time a lead interacts with a lead form


Convert more leads to sales
  • Behavior tracking: Understand your leads to create one-on-one communication
  • Lead scoring: Prioritize your pipeline and reach out to sales-ready leads
  • Email automation: Send emails based on behavioral triggers and build personal relationships with potential customers
  • Sales notifications: Email or text sales team when a lead indicates they are ready to book


Demonstrate ROI
  • Campaign analytics: Analyze closed deals (won and lost) to eliminate waste and identify successful tactics
  • Content ROI tracking: Identify which pieces of content are contributing to sales



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