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Your mother taught you that “It doesn’t matter what other people think of you.” How wrong that is for a brand functioning today in a world where something can degrade your reputation quickly online. One nasty comment, bad review, inaccurate message, or poor customer service interaction, can harm your brand. That’s why brand management and public relations are important.  


“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett


Why Brand Management?

We believe in a brand management strategy built on the foundation of “key messaging.” What is key messaging? It’s the core points that you want your target audience to know about your brand. These points define your meaning in the marketplace and guide your overall messaging and marketing strategy. Through key messaging, your goal is to control the conversation about your brand and services, strengthening your bond with the consumer.

That’s why Koeppel Direct creates a key messaging document as part of your brand management strategy. That’s the first thing we do. We also perform a brand assessment audit and competitor analysis. That way, we know what people think of you now, and what your competition is doing.

Our staff can handle your day-to-day online brand management and execute your strategy. We’re the people that improve your Google Reviews rating, your standing on Yelp. We can help you with that problem you currently have on Glassdoor, we can let you know when employees are sabotaging your brand efforts. Koeppel Direct knows how to foster superb customer support and an online response strategy. We have the experience and relationships to write and distribute your press releases. All of that and more, we are the gears in your brand management machine, and we know how to turn them.




Brand Management Benefits


You only have one chance to make a first impression, and you only get one reputation. You can’t afford to allow poor customer interactions, bad reviews, or sloppy marketing to jeopardize your online credibility. Many companies ignore brand management and regret it later when a bad situation impacts their bottom line.

Key Brand Management Benefits:

  • Fosters relationships with loyal customers
  • Enhances your social standing
  • Improves online reputation and findability
  • Increases value of your services and products
  • Protects your company from harmful and inaccurate messaging from competitors, customers, and employees
  • Extends the story of your brand to provide pre-emptive goodwill
  • Monitors for misuse of your trademarks and copyrights
  • Builds positive relationships with media



Where To Get Started


Author Harold Kushner wrote that “caring about others and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness”. That’s an important message to remember when you manage your brand presence online. The first step is great customer support every time, the second step is being responsive. Those are simple acts of caring for your customers. 

Ways We Can Help:

  • Customer support tools that enable contact between you and the public
  • Active, responsive, and consistent messaging on social media platforms
  • Caretaking of reviews and customer service messaging online
  • Increase of social media followers enhances the value of brand and products
  • Social listening and web monitoring to weed out harmful comments and content
  • Proactive public relations strategies to share brand values and commitments
  • Frequent sweeps of the Internet to ensure your logos and content are not being appropriated
  • Outreach strategy to create communication channels with media outlets



Common Branding Problems



Brand management and PR are like the pipes under your sink: when they’re working, you might take them for granted, but when they break, it’s a mess all over the floor. Don’t get your best shoes wet, have a plan to manage your brand online and offline, and devise a process for handling customer interactions. It’s a peace of mind thing.

Are You Having These Problems?

  • Consumers are not receiving a consistent message about our brand
  • Our online reviews are not robust enough
  • Our online reviews fail to reflect our commitment to customer service
  • Consumers are having difficulty connecting with us
  • Competitors or employees are unfairly disparaging our brand
  • We are not receiving the good press we deserve
  • The task of handling our online reputation is too daunting for us 

We Solve Problems


Consistency and diligence are critical in your brand strategy and public relations efforts. How will you elevate bad customer interactions? Who will reach out to the media when you have great news to share and how will they give that message? When and how do you honor great customers? A professional brand management plan addresses these issues and many more. A public relations game plan is proactive and productive.

How We Solve Problems:

  • Develop a key messaging and brand management strategy and apply that to all marketing efforts on every channel
  • Implement a plan to make it easier for customers to review us
  • Launch a reviews plan that increases our ratings on several platforms
  • Devise a customer support response plan
  • Monitor your brand and react quickly to critical messaging, or work to remove it
  • Craft a public relations plan, tell your good stories and share them
  • Have a coordinated strategy executed by a professional brand management team


You Need A Partner


Ads and Retargeting

If you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to identify the companies that have a cohesive brand marketing plan. These are the brands that have stellar reviews, large followings online, and loyal brand ambassadors who carry their message to new customers. You can do that for your brand too.  

What To Look For:

  • Professional digital marketing professionals skilled in crafting a brand strategy, key messaging, social listening, customer service plan, and more.
  • Reliable staff to execute and monitor your brand management strategy
  • Skilled marketers to publish content that will earn attention, support brand strategy, and attract media possibilities 
  • Experienced public relations team and relationships with media that we can leverage to earn good press for your brand.


Why Choose Koeppel Direct


Marketing Brief

We’ve worked with large companies to craft their brand strategy and we’ve shepherded that brand management strategy to implementation and execution. We’ve taken the principles we learned working with large companies and applied them to brands of all sizes in several industries. The most important lesson we’ve learned is this: consistent maintenance and management of your brand takes dedicated attention. You can’t afford to slip up, you can’t afford an inconsistent message, you can’t afford to let negative content endanger your brand.

At Koeppel Direct you get a dedicated brand management and public relations team that creates a  plan for your brand and executes that plan for one monthly price, so you don’t lose any sleep worrying about what people are saying and what they think about your company. 



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