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Have you noticed that television has changed dramatically in the last decade? Consumers are no longer watching TV exclusively on a television. Today, movies and shows are streamed to devices that your customers hold in their hands or rest in their laps. Viewers are no longer simply waiting for entertainment to come to them, they are actively seeking content and watching it how they want and when they want. Consumers are also cutting the cord and choosing simpler ways to get the content they want, cheaper and faster. It’s the era of Netflix discovery, online video streaming, and binge-watching. 

Advanced TV means any program or content not watched via broadcast, satellite, or cable. Popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime Video are examples of platforms that are offered this way. Apps like YouTube also offer an Advanced TV experience for the consumer, giving them the ability to choose from millions of videos and video clips and watch them on a Connected TV, laptop, or a handheld device, even a cell phone.

Why Advanced TV?

Over-The-Top (OTT) refers to content streamed to consumers via a broadband internet connection, as opposed to the traditional methods of cable and over the air. With OTT, consumers are casting aside their cable set-top boxes, opting out of costly monthly cable TV fees, and embracing the era of content anywhere on any device. 

How do consumers get their OTT content? With a Connected TV, that is a television that connects to the Internet. We’re talking about Smart TV’s that are capable of running apps, streaming live content from the Internet, and connecting to other devices in the home to share media. The TV may be connected to a Roku or Apple TV device, or a game-playing console that serves content. With a CTV, consumers can create a channel lineup of their choosing, without having to take on unwanted cable packages. It’s like when you move out of Mom’s house and realize you can have dessert first without having to eat your vegetables. 

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What We Offer


We know Advanced TV advertising can be confusing. That’s why we offer a full agency solution for our clients. How do you translate your brand message to the modern “internet” TV screen? Can you stay true to your company values and advertise on television and streaming services? How do you craft that marketing message so it isn’t ignored? Where do you go to place ads and how do you devise an advertising campaign and strategy? How can you target ads to consumers within driving distance of your store or event location? We have answers to those questions because it’s what we do every day.    


Digital Streaming, CTV and OTT


Benefits of Advanced TV


Why pay unknown advertising fees for ads that target the wrong people? That frequently occurs with traditional marketing plans. Instead, Advanced TV hones in on your target demographic and you usually only pay for the ads that get in front of your potential customers. That’s efficiency.

Advantages Of Advanced TV:

  • Typically pay only for the ads that are seen
  • Rise above the competition with innovative ad strategies with more than 95% view rates 
  • Target your audience with precision
  • See real-time marketing campaign results



Advanced TV Features and Solutions

The most exciting aspect of Advanced TV and streaming ads is the ability to reach customers on their screens in a specific geographic area. Once you create ads like this, you’ll never look at digital marketing the same way.

Why Advertise On Advanced TV?

  • Ad placements are charged only when they are streamed to viewers. No more casting a wide net across a television or banner ad audience with unpredictable results.
  • Is your competition advertising on YouTube, Roku devices, across several channels or on Hulu and other popular streaming services? Stand out and be outstanding.
  • Viewers who have abandoned cable TV (the so-called “cord cutters”) are consuming their video online, where they share their viewing habits and preferences more readily.
  • Reach customers based on their geographic location with OTT Advertising (how about within ten miles of your store!)
  • Your Advanced TV marketing campaign from Koeppel Direct includes access to real-time analytics of who and how many people are seeing your ads. (And much more data) 



Common Problems

If you’re struggling to capture good leads and spinning your wheels trying the same strategies, Advanced TV advertising might be for you.

Are You Having These Problems?

  • You’re not reaching people who used to watch broadcast or cable TV
  • You’re not sure how your media ads are performing
  • You want to be able to shift your live stream advertising campaign quickly based on real performance data
  • You want to be shoulder-to-shoulder with the “big boys” at a fraction of the cost



How We Solve Those Problems

Consumer habits are shifting, are you ready for it? If you don’t adjust your marketing philosophy, you might be left behind and lapped by your competition. Traditional TV and media advertising can be costly and unpredictable, returning a poor ROI. With new Advanced TV ads delivered through streaming services, you employ a more sophisticated marketing approach.

How We Can Help:

  • In 2018, according to research by eMarketer, an additional 33 million adults in the U.S. cut the cord with cable TV. As a result, more than ⅓ of people in the U.S. who consume television now get their content from another source, namely Internet and streaming services. That’s where the people are going, and if you want to convert them into customers, your marketing efforts need to change.
  • One of the drawbacks of traditional TV and radio advertising can be the nebulous performance data based on estimated viewers and listeners. By contrast, when consumers use a Connected TV and OTT (Over-The-Top) devices to watch streamed content, and eyeballs are counted. This arms you with the data you need to make your marketing decisions. That leads to efficient ad spends. We all love efficient ad spends, don’t we?
  • Those millions of viewers now watching “Dancing with the Stars” via an app on their Smart TV, they are more likely to share their habits than traditional passive television watchers. When Danny watches six hours of “American Pickers,” we have a great idea he has an affinity for vintage cars. And it’s more detailed than that, which means our CTV Advertising campaign can be targeted very narrowly and be adjusted quickly to improve results.
  • Your ads run on major networks where people are consuming their favorite content. Connected TV viewers are more engaged than traditional TV viewers. That type of affinity is valuable.  


Connected TV Advantages

Your customers are watching TV (and movies and video series) in smarter ways. It’s no longer wait until Thursday night to watch Seinfeld. Viewers are choosing to watch the content they love when they can do so, and in more dedicated ways. Netflix reported in 2018 that their viewers watch an average of 2.2 episodes of their favorite half-hour programs each time they log in to watch that program. Consumers are passionate about their favorite content, and they are telling us what they want and pre-selecting themselves as your next customer.






Why Choose Koeppel Direct?

Television and visual media are how we got started. We know how to leverage the power marketing via television, and we know how to help your ads succeed. We design OTT advertising campaigns that are precise and scalable. We use the tools that work for your campaign, and we monitor your Advanced TV marketing strategy so we know what’s working and react to leverage those opportunities. We work with the major channels available for OTT marketing, such as ESPN, HGTV, the History Channel, and dozens more.







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