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Video Advertising on Social Media Is Essential for Businesses

Video Advertising on Social Media Is Essential for Businesses

By now, it’s obvious to most businesses that having a strong social media presence is essential for competing in the current always-connected economy.

There is more to effective social media engagement than just making posts on Facebook and Twitter, however. If you really want to capture the hearts and wallets of consumers you have to connect with them in the ways that they prefer; unless you have some strong branding and unique marketing that brings them back for more, your message can easily get lost among all of the other companies trying to reach consumers in the same way.

This is where video advertising comes in. While some companies think that video on social media is something of a niche advertising product, it is actually one of the strongest ways to set your brand apart from the crowd. If video isn’t a key component of your marketing strategies across social media platforms then you’re likely missing out on sales.


Why Video?

There are multiple reasons why video is a powerful driver for business advertising on social media.

One of the big ones is that the social media landscape is changing; platforms such as Instagram are seeing an increased penetration into the consumer market, and more traditional platforms such as Facebook (which owns Instagram) and Twitter are trying to incorporate more Insta-like features as time goes on. Consumers are becoming more used to the visual interaction offered by Instagram and other up-and-coming picture and video platforms, which in turn is letting marketers have more ways to effectively feature and promote their products.

Perhaps more importantly, though, using video engages viewers in a way that text and even static images can’t. By its very nature, video draws viewers in as they watch to see how the video concludes. Good video advertising can capture a viewer’s attention and leave them with a call to action that will drive them to further engagement.

Creative teams can even build a following around video ad campaigns that leave consumers waiting for the next installment in your advertisements. This is a sort of following that’s difficult to replicate with some other forms of marketing.


Video for Small Business

Because of how strongly people can connect with video advertising, it is quickly becoming an essential part of advertising for small businesses on social media.

By incorporating video into a small company’s social media management strategy, the company can significantly increase its consumer engagement without having to keep pushing for engagement through text and other formats. In fact, given the viral nature of popular videos a company might find its advertising taking on a life of its own as viewers share it across Facebook or other platforms.

Obviously, not every video a small business posts is going to become a viral superstar. Even if videos don’t go viral or get heavily shared the video format itself still enjoys higher levels of engagement across several demographics. This can help small businesses that have limited advertising budgets to get the most engagement for their dollar.


Setting Your Brand Apart

As video becomes more popular as an advertising tool on social media, brands need to be aware that not just any video will do.

Using videos for brand awareness is fine, but video ads should also highlight the actual products or services being sold. Social media is often the first point of contact for consumers, so showcasing exactly what consumers should be excited about is a good way to set a brand apart and increase overall engagement with the brand and its products.

On top of that, it’s important that videos are visually appealing to viewers. Fortunately, there are a number of tools and services that can help with this. Even small businesses can find DIY tools and social video companies that allow them to have good-looking, engaging videos for social media without breaking the advertising budget. By leveraging these tools and resources, your business can set itself apart on social media moving into the new year.







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