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Top Video Advertising Trends

Top Video Advertising Trends

Video advertising is increasingly popular, with approximately 86 percent of marketers using video content in some context as of 2019.

With major mobile platforms working on a shift to 5G capabilities, its likely that video content will continue to grow in popularity as it is both easy to consume and nicely suited to a number of home and mobile platforms. With this in mind, it’s important for marketers and the companies they work for to stay on top of video advertising trends so that they can better create the types of video content that consumers wish to see.

To that end, here are a few of the top video advertising trends of recent years. By digging into these trends, you can help shape your video content to the needs of modern consumers, ensuring that your marketing efforts don’t miss their mark:


Short Video

Though there will always be a place for longer-form video advertising, one big trend in recent years is the shift toward short-form video for ads. Given the number of ads and other content consumers encounter throughout their day, you only have a few precious seconds to grab their attention before they tap the skip ad button or move on to some other content.

Ads focused on delivering a message in 10 to 15 seconds or less are seeing phenomenal penetration, getting consumers’ attention and getting the point across before they can grow bored.


Mobile-first Targeting

There was a time when mobile advertising was something of an afterthought in the marketing world, but those days are gone. Now, generating video content targeted at the mobile user experience is a key component of brand success. Consumers sometimes spend hours per day on phones and other mobile devices, so being able to reach them with video content designed specifically for smaller screens and shorter engagements is an increasingly winning strategy.


OTT Advertising

With the number of consumers who have cut the cord and moved away from traditional cable television, over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) programming models present new opportunities for advertisers. Instead of targeting time slots, OTT ads can target users individually based on demographics or viewing habits. As a result, you can help ensure that your message is placed in front of those who are most likely to react, and the use of video ads keeps your marketing efforts from breaking the immersion they receive while binging or streaming.


In-Stream Social Advertising

Social media is another area where there is significant growth in video advertising. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of active monthly users, and their content feeds are an excellent target for brand advertising. This is another area where short-form video performs exceedingly well, since if you fail to grab a user’s attention quickly they will simply keep scrolling and looking for more content.


Making the Most of Video

Competition in the video ad space is growing, and marketers are increasing their video ad budgets in response. There was over $90 billion in video ad spending in 2018, and projections anticipate that number to pass $102 billion within the next four years. Mobile video advertising is leading this increase, but all of the trends listed above are part of video growth.

By following these trends and making adjustments to your own budget, you can ensure that your brand isn’t left behind as others press further into the video space.



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