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Top, Mid and Bottom Funnel Content Practices to Nurture Your Leads

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For your marketing efforts to succeed, having the right type of content to convert leads into customers is essential.

You should know by now that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to lead conversion as each lead you develop has its own goals and desires. You cannot use the same content or techniques on every lead you have and expect to get stellar results; instead, you have to have different strategies in place to deal with the different types of leads you encounter. This differentiation allows you to nurture them and build a connection until they reach the point that they are ready to buy in.

To facilitate this nurturing and the different rates at which leads become sold on your offerings, stop and consider how leads move through your funnel. If you employ different content strategies at different levels of your funnel then you have a much greater chance of successful conversions. You may see this described as a “ToFu, MoFu and BoFu” approach to lead conversion, and if it is implemented well then you will likely be impressed by the end result.


What Are ToFu, MoFu and BoFu?

ToFu, MoFu and BoFu are concepts that you should already be familiar with.

“ToFu” stands for “Top of the Funnel,” while “MoFu” stands for “Middle of the Funnel. As you might guess, this means that “BoFu” stands for “Bottom of the Funnel.” Even if you have never specifically planned content strategies for different tiers of your funnel, you should still understand what the concept at play here is. By giving each section of the funnel its own identifier you can more easily see them as separate parts of a whole; this should then make it much easier to treat them as such as well.

Being able to separate your funnel into different sections conceptually is an important part of customizing the experience that you offer to your leads. As multiple leads may have different requirements as they pass through your funnel, taking a ToFu, MoFu and BoFu approach helps to ensure that each lead has their needs met as efficiently as possible.


ToFu Content Practices

As leads are acquired and enter the ToFu portion of your funnel, your goal is to increase lead awareness and catch their interest. The leads in the Top Funnel stage are only looking for information and answers relating to a problem that points back to a product/service need. There are a few different types of content that work very well during the ToFu stage.

Common ToFu content includes blogs, infographics and informative video content. Video is especially important here as it is not only an increasingly powerful SEO factor but studies have shown that viewers retain approximately 95 percent of the message presented in a video as compared to only around 10 percent of the same message presented in text form. Social media content also plays a part during the ToFu stage, with both social posting and targeted social ads being used to help nurture your ToFu leads.

All of this content should be approachable, relevant and detailed enough to answer at least basic questions that your leads may have. Avoid going into too much detail, however; leave the audience wanting more information, as this can drive them further into the funnel where your information-laden MoFu content lies.


From ToFu to MoFu

Once your ToFu content has captured a lead’s attention and they want to learn more about your offerings, MoFu content is used to draw them in. The leads in the Mid Funnel stage are evaluating products and companies and start eliminating solutions that aren’t a good fit.

Your MoFu content should be made up of things that your leads sign up for, download or attend. This is where your email newsletters and other campaigns go, as well as downloadable templates, ebooks and whitepapers. Offering webinars that leads can sign up for or content that more directly compares your company or its products to well-known competitors also works very well in the middle of the funnel. Comparisons, in particular, can increase a lead’s intent to commit to a purchase by around 22 percent after reading through a thorough and seemingly unbiased comparison piece.


Reaching for the BoFu

Once you have exposed leads to several pieces of MoFu content (and most likely provided you with contact information in the process), reach out to advance the lead to your BoFu content and from there a sale or commitment.

Don’t be pushy about it; remember that your goal is to have leads want to want what you’re offering. Your BoFu content should build off of the familiarity and trust you’ve built during the ToFu and MoFu stages, adding even more value to the proposition while providing a call to action for the lead to act on.

Content within the BoFu stage can include things such as product demos, customer testimonials and even free trials. Additional email content also works here, shifting the focus from what the lead needs to know about your offerings to why they should purchase your offerings now.

While some leads may be hesitant or take a while to commit once they reach the BoFu tier, remember that the time and effort that you put into this lowest-tier content will often be what converts a lead into a customer.




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