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Programmatic Display Advertising Can Be A Game Changer

Programmatic Display Advertising Can Be A Game Changer

Finding the most effective ways to advertise a brand or product can sometimes take a significant amount of work.

This task has in some ways becomes easier as new technologies evolve, but there always remains the question of which options are best for your company and its brands. While there are a number of different options that have their own advantages and disadvantages, there is one option that should be considered in almost every case: Programmatic display advertising.

Not only can programmatic display ads help your message reach more consumers, but they can also do so with a much higher ROI and targeting options that not even digital heavyweights like AdWords can match.


How Programmatic Advertising Works

Programmatic advertising uses software to buy and place ads on digital platforms in the moment.

This involves automating some of the decision-making process to buy ad positions that best meet the targets and goals that were previously set up. While the advertiser does have to buy ad space from an exchange or other platform and has to set up the targets and limits on their purchase, it is the software on the platform that determines which ads to show based on who is viewing the content and how much different advertisers have bid for those views.


The Importance of Programmatic Advertising

It goes without saying that programmatic advertising is powerful.

More importantly, it provides access to advertising options that buyers might not have been able to place ads in otherwise. Because of programmatic advertising, more marketers can compete for the same ad slots and the software will determine which ads are shown to each user that needs an ad served to them.

Programmatic advertising is reshaping the way that digital ads are delivered and opens new platforms that might otherwise have been difficult for marketers to enter.


Programmatic Buying Advantages

There are a number of advantages to using programmatic advertising for your digital marketing campaigns.

Some of the more notable advantages include:

  • High-quality targeting – Because of the software-driven nature of programmatic advertising, marketers can decide on exactly which demographics they want to target with their ads.
  • Multichannel advertising – Unlike AdWords and other digital marketing platforms that only service the network owned by the platform’s creator, programmatic ad solutions allow marketers to reach a wide range of platforms and services.
  • In-depth analytics – As a software-driven marketing option, programmatic ads provide in-depth reports and analytics to use in analyzing performance and plotting future campaigns.
  • High-ROI ads – Because the software helps to ensure that your target is reached and that your ads only show to those who might be interested in them, programmatic ads typically have significantly higher returns than more traditional advertising options.

There are other advantages to programmatic advertising as well, though many of them depend on the specific platforms targeted with ads and how competitive a target demographic is. The brand being marketed, the industry it operates in and other factors may affect how advantageous programmatic ads are as well.


Expanding into Programmatic Ads

Programmatic display advertising is easy to break into, and given the digital nature of programmatic ads, it is possible to run test ads without committing to a large marketing campaign.

For those who aren’t completely sold on the idea of programmatic ad buying it is even possible to run programmatic ads alongside more traditional ads with the same target to see which is really more effective. Even if you choose not to run test campaigns, programmatic buying can be entered into slowly and you can adjust your brand’s digital marketing spend to more fully embrace programmatic ads in the future as needed.



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