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The Top Social Media Video Editing Tools

top social media video editing tools

Social media marketing is a fun, interactive way to advertise almost anything, but if you’re always throwing out the same old still frame media, it can get boring for your followers fast.

Content that goes viral is content that inspires, surprises and amazes people, and it’s often moving. There’s no reason to fear video as a medium for your social media marketing effort, as long as it’s well-edited and has a clean presentation.

These tools—none of which we have a personal or business connection to—will make you look like a pro even if you’re just getting started with video editing:

  • Animoto. Creating a compilation of video, photos and music has never been easier. With Animoto, you work through template-enhanced tools to import media from multiple sources like your social media accounts, your smart phone and even connected photo or video accounts including Photobucket to create the ultimate multimedia slideshow experience. Once you’ve selected the visual media you need, it’s a simple thing to add music from Animoto’s files or your own. Simply preview and publish for your final product.
  • WeVideo. A step or two up in difficulty from Animoto, WeVideo is a cloud-based collaboration tool that gives you and your team the power to create social media gold together. Unlike Animoto, you’ll need a basic understanding of video editing, but it’s still a simple, yet robust tool. Instead of relying on templates, you’ll be editing your videos and other mixed media track by track. Because it’s cloud-based, a stable internet connection is a must, but you can easily switch between devices or computers while working on a project, making WeVideo a highly flexible tool.
  • Relay. Although not technically video, Snapchat geofilters are a big deal these days, so you might as well have the tools to do them right. Relay is the tool to help the total geofilter novice get them just right and still make a huge impact. Your custom geofilters can act as branding tools and also help increase Snapchat engagement. It’s a simple drag-and-drop interface that anyone can use—plus you can give Relay a try for free for 14 days.
  • OverVideo. Sometimes, your video just needs a soundtrack without a lot of added fuss — that’s where OverVideo comes in. This simple iOS app lets you add music to any video in your camera’s memory (or you can capture a new one on the spot). Using the built-in tools, add music to your video from your music library, then save it to your camera roll. From there, you’re ready to email or share to Instagram with the push of a button.
  • GoAnimate. GoAnimate has actually been around for a while, but this web-based animation tool just keeps growing and growing. It’s both incredibly useful and incredibly fun, which makes it a perfect tool for social media marketing. With GoAnimate, you have the option to design your animation based on templates or to create your own scenario in a whiteboard setting.

    Character design and props are both robust, with tons of customizations possible for each. You can even add text bubbles, subtitles or text to scenes where appropriate — the world is truly yours to sculpt. GoAnimate now allows you to include visual data using charts and graphs, as well, making it even more business friendly than it was in the past.

    With GoAnimate, you’re the director, and the characters are your actors. You can add voiceovers to your scenes for more life-like effects, or opt for the built-in text-to-speech tools. From training videos to sales presentations and even marketing pieces, GoAnimate is capable of creating whatever type of animation you have in mind, on a budget.

On social media, video is what you make it—but it’s important to keep it interesting, keep it unique and keep it surprising. Getting started with tools like Animoto, Relay and OverVideo will give you a taste for what’s possible, but learning tools like GoAnimate and WeVideo give you a level of control that will really let you push the creative envelope.


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