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Tips and Tricks for Direct Response Video Advertising

direct response video advertising

Today’s marketer knows that direct response video advertising has to be even more impactful if it’s going to be heard over all the digital noise out there. And, of course, a well-designed advertisement can go a lot further than a poorly built one.

If you’re hitting roadblocks with your direct response video advertising, these tips and tricks may help you get back on track:

  1. Lead with impact. Whether you’re working on a video ad that will run on or the Internet, it’s important to remember that today’s attention spans are shorter than ever. When your advertisement starts, it has to grab the audience in about five seconds and not let go. Instead of building up to a big finish, move your biggest impact right to the front of your video advertisement. This way, your audience is less compelled to find the next interesting thing and instead focus on your message.
  1. Keep it short. Although you can certainly run half hour long direct response video advertising effectively, when you’re filling considerably smaller advertising spaces, keep it as short as possible. The whole point of a short advertisement is to make the audience want more, not to tell them everything they need to know right away. Instead of breaking your entire product or brand message down in a single long advertisement, deliver it over several different short spots, or better yet, give viewers a website or phone number to call to learn more.
  1. Stay on message. It’s shocking how many advertising spots miss their mark with a meandering message followed by a disconnected call to action. The entire advertisement needs to be on point and feel like a cohesive whole for maximum impact — so write and rewrite until that happens. Stay focused on your message and craft a CTA that leads to a logical action for the viewer, based on the message that came before it.
  1. Always focus on your audience. Both online and offline audiences want one thing above all else: personalization. If your advertisement is designed to appeal to everyone, it’s likely that it’ll appeal to no one. There’s a certain power in personalization, even if that means writing several different versions of the same marketing piece in order to reach the demographics and audiences on your radar. Your target market will respond better to video advertisements they feel are made for them, and you’ll be forced to better define your audience.
  1. Create graphics that increase memorability. Rather than looking for flashy on-screen graphics, choose graphics in colors that are clear and easy to read. Fonts, font weight and font size are vital here, too. Utilizing a band across the bottom third of the frame can increase response by providing additional information that audiences need in order to follow through with your call to action, and it’s even better if you include it from the beginning of the advertisement. Make graphics easy to read, easy to see and watch as response rates climb.
  1. Leave subtlety at the door. There’s nothing worse than writing and shooting a really clever video advertisement that falls completely flat. Although clever commercials can work for brand advertising, they shouldn’t be attempted for direct response video advertising. Instead, replace clever hints about how an audience can reach you or why they’d like your product and just lay it out for the viewer. is all about convincing your demographic to perform an action, not about being clever, so leave subtlety at the door. Instead say what you need to say and ask for the call to action your audience requires to connect with your company and your products.

When your direct response video advertising gives you disappointing results, it may be time to review your process and focus. By hitting harder with a more direct message up front, targeting your specific audiences and doing all you can to increase memorability with well-designed graphics, you can craft video advertising for both television and the web that really deliver.


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