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Up Your Small Business Marketing with Entrepreneur Podcast Shows


Not only is it important to continue to learn to stay competitive in a business environment, being exposed to new ideas is a great way for you to expand your own creative world as well.

That’s why listening to podcasts for entrepreneurs can be so beneficial for your small business marketing strategies. There are many good ones, so we’ve picked a few favorites to share today!

General Business Podcasts

These entrepreneurial podcasts are focused on all aspects of small business ownership, not just marketing, but sometimes you need help in other areas.

If you’re looking for general information about business, as well as marketing advice, check these podcasts out:

  • Harvard Business Review IdeaCast. If you read the Harvard Business Review, then you already know the quality content that comes out of this arena. If you don’t, then pull up a chair and check it out. Tackling topics as widely ranging as basic competence as a strategy to what you need to know about blockchain, the almost 600 podcasts in this ever-growing series feature smart interviews with experts in fields that influence and inform every aspect of small business.
  • Startups for the Rest of Us. Hosted by a pair of software entrepreneurs (Rob Walling and Mike Taber), Startups for the Rest of Us tackles a wide range of subjects that are near and dear to the development of young businesses. Recent episodes have included productivity tips, creating fulfillment in the workplace and even how to avoid death by Google.
  • Entrepreneur on Fire. This prolific and award-winning podcast with host John Lee Dumas features interviews with business owners, coaches and marketers focusing on the journey of each guest and their brands. Dumas tries to really get to the heart of the matter to show you where you can go and what it takes to get there. Topics like rags-to-riches stories and marketing tidbits abound among the archive of over 1800 interviews.

Marketing-Specific Podcasts

All that business advice is great, but sometimes you really just want to get to the meat of the thing. There’s a podcast for that, too, as it turns out.

We picked out a few marketing-specific podcasts by industry experts to help you with any and all questions you may have about selling your small business on a day-to-day basis:

  • Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. With a motto we can all support, “Where there is duct tape, there is hope and there is always duct tape,” John Jantsch’s podcast is geared to the most hopeful among us. Sometimes small businesses aren’t working with much more than duct tape and determination, but this podcast can offer advice to help you turn those two ingredients into success.
  • Marketing School Podcast. Hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Sui, the Marketing School Podcast is a quick 10-minute lesson a day in marketing, perfect for the entrepreneur. With actionable advice, tips for marketing online and off, and well over 400 episodes in the archive, you’re sure to find something useful here.
  • The Science of Social Media. Buffer’s own podcast for social media marketing, The Science of Social Media focuses primarily on succeeding at social, but they’ve also discussed related issues that include personal branding, measuring ROI and podcasting. With medium-length episodes that range from about 15 minutes to around a half-hour, these nuggets of wisdom are definitely worth a listen over your lunch break.
  • Growth Marketing Toolbox. At the cutting edge of new marketing trends, Nicholas Scalice dives deep into different strategies and tools for getting the most out of your existing customer base, as well as the most efficient ways to grow it. Interviews with industry experts and startup founders help lend some personal insights into marketing techniques from postcards to LinkedIn.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to podcasts that can help you up your small business marketing game. The more you know, the better you can put that information to work making your company’s marketing work for you!


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