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Selfies Sell on Social, Marketing Mavens Ditch MLMs for Direct Sales


For cosmetic companies like Rodan & Fields, the makers of Proactiv and Lash Boost, the selfie has been elevated to an art form for influencer marketing.

Now, the selfie is also a hot bit of propaganda. Like images used for marketing fad diets of generations past, a Lash Boost peddler’s images show a dramatic transformation in their own lashes in just 12 weeks. Through the power of social media, these personal testimonies have been given rocket fuel.

Direct Selling with Social

Most women on social media have been invited to at least one multi-level marketing “party” designed to sell them leggings or food storage containers or any number of other products they probably didn’t want or need.

These invites are often scheduled as an event and coupled with live video or demonstrations at a set time. They don’t work well because people are already on guard from the moment they appear, making the sale increasingly difficult to close.

Rodan & Fields did it better with Lash Boost for two reasons: first, they tapped into a market that has been gaining in popularity among a target demographic, as women spend more time in eyelash boutiques having their lashes boosted. Secondly, the skin care company skipped the party-based model and chose to market simply, with dramatic photography.

The Eyes Have It

Photographs of eyes are always attention-grabbing, but the effect doubles when consultants are given a brief education in how to properly light and capture their subject.

The images speak for themselves, and women seeking an eyelash solution come beating down the door. Lash Boost, which costs up to $150, briefly sold out this summer and is forecasted to top $175 million in sales in its first year based solely off this model.

The magic combination of social media, personal testimonials and not-overtly-pushy-salespeople-you-already-know have created a perfect storm for products like Lash Boost. Direct sales companies may have actually found an ideal vehicle for marketing on social media platforms. After all, these are environments where it’s easy to establish relationships with hundreds or thousands of people and extend reach well beyond that, ensuring that those who want to buy into the next big craze have ample access to any sort of niche interest they may have.


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