Our Latest Infographic Looks At: Political Campaign Spending Activities in the Digital Age


We know that politicians of all parties spend money – and lots of it – but how are they spending it and what are they spending it on?

We decided to take a good look into this very question and dig into campaign spending in the digital age. We developed this infographic on political campaign spending in the digital age, and here are some of the stats and insights we found:


  • Political fundraising totals by the two main political parties are fairly similar – just under $182 million for Democrats and $202 million for Republicans.
  • Political spending is similar, too, with Democrats spending more than $154 million on campaign-related expenses and Republicans $164 million over the past 10 years.
  • Looking at some of the leading candidates in the current election cycle, we found that Hillary Clinton raised $77.5M in 2015, and spent $25.8M in Q3 2015 alone. Trump, on the other hand, raised just $5.8M in 2015 and spent $1.4M.
  • Both major parties designated nearly half of their total spending budgets to media buys, pointing to the significance of media when it comes to persuading the public during a political campaign.


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