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IGTV, Instagram Positions Itself to Grab Future Video Ad Share


The rumor mill has scooped yet another big tech announcement, IGTV is here.

After months of speculation, Instagram officially announced the launch of IGTV. This is the video platform made just for the way people use their mobile devices, or so it claims. Amateur and professional influencers alike will have the ability to post videos that are up to an hour long, as opposed to the one minute allowed on the main Instagram platform.

That’s huge news. But the bigger news for brands is that every video on IGTV is curated, unlike with its giant competitor, YouTube.

Safer Video, Safer Advertisement Spots?

Few could forget the dramatic advertising debaucles stemming from YouTube last year.

The unfortunate automated pairing of family brands with videos featuring hate speech threatened to sink the entire concept of online video marketing. Only firm promises from Google to step up efforts to flush out unpalatable and illegal content were able to get the attention of still-wary Fortune 500 companies.

Had IGTV been available and offering space for marketing messages at that time, it’s not difficult to guess how the scenario above would have changed. Even if IGTV wasn’t the best place for advertising paper towels, the risk of being placed alongside a video featuring Neo-Nazi activity would have been close to zero.

Although IGTV does allow anyone to upload videos up to 10 minutes in length, the video quality required is akin to a mid-level production on YouTube. The specific requirements list a frame rate of at least 30 frames per second and minimum resolution of 720 pixels. Longer videos, up to 60 minutes, are only available to large accounts and those that have been completely verified. Even then, those videos must be uploaded from a computer, an additional hurdle to help dissuade casual Skinhead bloggers.

Not If, But When, Marketing Spots Come to IGTV

Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom made it clear that there were plans for ad space within the video platform in the future.

Systrom told TechCrunch that the company recognizes the time and effort spent putting together video content for the new channel and he wanted to ensure that the videos remained sustainable. IGTV isn’t monetizing today, but when it does, it may be similar to the revenue share model that YouTube is using.

Instagram has come a long way from the filtered photos of breakfast that got it started, but has the potential to become a big player in the video arena in the near future.


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