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How to Improve Your Marketing Campaign for the New Year

improve your marketing campaign this 2016

Welcome to the new year. Not only is this a popular time for resolutions now that the holiday season is finally over, it’s also a perfect time to crunch the numbers and take a hard look at your current marketing campaign.

Are you doing all you can to attract your target audience?  

Are you missing out on vital demographics that are, perhaps surprisingly, drawn to your product or website or retail location?

Now is the time to make those changes to your marketing campaign that will ultimately increase your customer base and your bottom line. You know that, though — it’s the how that’s holding you back.

What Do Your Customers Want?

It’s important that you always consider what it is that your customers want, from the moment you decide to try to market a product or service.

A great number of marketers focus on what a product offers — those cold, faceless features that seem to hang in the air without context. It’s great that your wonder mop is 40 percent more absorbent than the competition, but that’s not information that’s meaningful to your audience. Your customer base wants to know what it is that your product or your brand will do for them.

Maybe that “wonder mop” makes mopping easier by collecting 50 percent more dirt on each pass across the floor. Now that’s really helpful information that’s grounded in your customers’ needs and wants. Everyone wants chores to take less time and to have done a better job when they’re over.

Focusing on what your customers want, the benefits of your product, works for any type of product. Just reciting features is a lot of useless information, but telling people in concrete terms how they’ll benefit from a product makes a world of difference.

Increasing Measureable Metrics

One of the biggest mistakes marketers made over the holiday season was neglecting to capture measurable metrics. Sure, you know how many sales you closed and how much volume that created, but do you know how many customers got away or who those customers were that chose to abandon their transactions instead of going forward?

The customers who buy are important, but so are the ones who didn’t. If you can establish metrics that help you better understand the behavior of customers who saw your ads or visited your site and decided to go elsewhere, you’ve got it made. Maybe it really was a matter of pricing, but the problem could as easily be an issue navigating your site or a simple misunderstanding of your product offerings.

This is one place that direct response marketing can really shine. Instead of wondering, you’ll know exactly what draws and holds your customers attention because they’ll tell you. They won’t click and wander around, they’ll say yes right away or by not answering, they’ll say no. Direct response marketing can help you develop effective messages and branding since you have nearly immediate feedback from your efforts. Testing different approaches with direct response marketing will quickly yield answers about how to best market to your target customer base.

Don’t Forget to Ask for a Sale

In this new year, you need to give yourself permission to ask for a sale. Your calls to action (CTAs) matter — even if you worry that they’re intrusive. Customers don’t always know how to respond to your marketing, often you have to help them. Calls to action don’t have to be pushy or complicated, a simple “click here” or “call now” can give your advertisement some real oomph.


If you’ve been waiting for the phone to ring or for more visits to your website, but haven’t received the calls or web sales you expected, adding a simple CTA may be the solution to your woes. The other great thing about CTAs is that they give you very hard, measureable data — people either follow your call to action and become customers or they don’t, it’s very simple.

Now is the time to make some major changes to your advertising campaigns. By showing customers more benefits of your products and employing direct response marketing and calls to action, you’ll be able to quickly work the bugs out of your marketing and make it a very happy new year, indeed.


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