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Brands Seek Out Connections with Multi-Tasking Viewers

multi-tasking-tv-viewersWith a growing number of television viewers using their smartphones and tablets while they watch TV, DRTV advertisers are trying to meet them where they are focused – on social media.

Tweeting and updating during real-time events offers opportunities for advertisers. Tying in advertising to entertainment is a decades-old idea, but it’s reaching a renewed interest thanks to multi-tasking viewers. Advertisers reason that if they can capture a TV fan’s attention with a clever update during a favorite show, they’ll grow brand awareness and (hopefully) future sales. 

Getting audience attention on a second-screen can also open up advertising opportunities for brands with shows they either can’t afford to advertise during, or can’t advertise at all. Case in point is the blockbuster HBO hit “Game of Thrones.” While there aren’t any advertising opportunities during the premium cable channel show, smart brands have tapped into the small screen to get their message in front of the roughly 14 million viewers.

Although not all of them are tuning into Twitter at the same time they are watching, DRTV advertisers are hoping that enough are to get the inside jokes and references. For example, Bud Light tweeted “Arriving late to a part might work for Arya, but not for bandwagon fans” referring to a child character that arrives to a castle just after her family has been murdered. Since the subject matter of the show is very dark, most brands try to work in humor or reference famous lines from the show – like Clorox’s tweet “A Canister Always Pays its Debts” (referring to the wealthy Lanisters from the show).

Live events and social media. Brand advertisers are still figuring out how to best use social media during live events. With hundreds of thousands of pop culture moments in any given year, brands need to be nimble and targeted in order to get seen and shared. However, the early success of advertisers with shows like “Game of Thrones” may pave the way for more real-time, entertainment-based tweets.


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