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An Inside Look at Direct Response Media Agencies

Direct Response Media Agencies

Direct response media agencies are tasked with crafting a message that appeals to a specific set of consumers, at the right place and at the right time.

Working at a direct response television agency can be exhilarating and challenging. With new technology making it even easier for media buyers to find, plan and buy advertising space, direct response professionals can find themselves in the middle of a hectic work environment that is challenging as well as rewarding.

The Changing Face of the Direct Response Media Agency

Media agencies first launched in order to garner cheaper prices for media space compared to traditional advertising agencies. The first clients of the industry were often those traditional advertising agencies that needed special help with the process of media buying. As the television industry expanded, media buyers changed as well and a subcategory of direct response television agency was born within the industry to meet the new needs.

In the last 10 years alone, direct response agencies have had to adapt to a changing landscape and stay on top of all of the changes. Digital marketing and social media have become a vital part of people’s lives – and as a result advertisers want to reach their buyers on this level. Direct response agencies have had to expand to include responsibilities and positions that weren’t in existence just a few years ago.

Technology has also become a large part of the direct response television agency and media agency. Agencies are more likely to work with technology firms in order to collect better data on campaigns, analyze that data and make decisions that improve client results and ROI.

Direct Response and Consumer Behavior

Direct response media – as the name implies – calls for a direct response from the viewer, listener or web surfer. Media agencies are tasked with motivating the audience to take a specific action, so they need a keen understanding of consumer behavior. They need to not only understand whom the client is trying to reach but what motivates that group to take action. The agency will also need to determine the type of media they watch, what they read or listen to, and how they make decisions.

It’s a complex process to be sure – but media agencies devote the time and understanding in order to get better results for their clients. In the increasingly complex media landscape, the direct response media agency fulfills an important role for advertisers and companies of all types. With their in-depth knowledge of the nature of consumer behavior for specific segments, they can act as an important link between advertisers and their target audience.

How Clients Work with an Agency

When clients choose to work with a direct response media agency, they explain their needs and desires for the campaign. The brief could be anything from helping to launch a new product to changing the perception of a brand in the public atmosphere. From there, a direct response media agency will work to understand the client’s consumer group, how this market likes to spend its time and how best to reach them. This research will include demographic information, consumer habits and media consumption habits – including both traditional and social media. From there, a direct response media agency will form and execute a plan to improve ROI and achieve client results.

Media agencies excel at understanding consumers, understanding the changing media landscape and leveraging relationships with media agencies for better pricing. Even and especially in a client so affected and disrupted by social media, working with a direct response media agency can help you improve your ROI.


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