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Not Your Mom’s Advertising: The Evolution of DRTV

evolution of drtv

No one could have imagined the impact Direct Response TV (DRTV) would have on marketing, but for some brands, it has been a wildly successful tactic.

Brand advertising has its place, but when your product needs quick results, nothing beats the speed of DRTV. By simply adding a call to action and a way for the customer to reach out, you can easily dissect your demographic and retarget right away.

Many branded marketing campaigns are struggling today, as the television landscape changes rapidly. Not only are cable companies and networks shrinking, but cutting the cord is becoming more common as well, leaving fewer and fewer opportunities to reach traditional audiences. That means marketing as we know it has to evolve – fortunately the flexibility of DRTV means it’s still finding its mark.

DRTV Evolution In The Digital Age 

As markets are becoming more fragmented, branding in marketing is an increasingly significant challenge. Between traditional television, cable, satellite and the various streaming channels, it can be hard to find your mark with old-fashioned advertising and branding efforts. What’s going to help keep DRTV afloat in these trying times is an old tactic many have forgotten in the Digital Age: the art of programmatic buying.

Sure, you can slap your direct response marketing into the cheapest slots you can find, that’s always worked reasonably well for products that are only available through television commercials. But there are better ways to deploy DRTV.

Using DRTV Programmatic Tactics Across Markets 

Having a multitude of small markets can be a terrifying prospect, or it can be a huge opportunity to really reach your target demographic. After all, as niches mature, it’ll be easier to figure out where that 35-year-old, married mother of two is at 8pm, market right to her and get an immediate response. Maybe she’s watching reruns of “Doctor Who” with her older kids on Amazon Prime, or perhaps she’s tuning into the live showing of the next hot reality TV show with her spouse after the little ones have been put down for bedtime.

Either way, by better understanding how these evolving niche television viewers tend to self-sort, you can find them quickly and get results with less collateral costs. There’s nothing wrong with a single guy viewing your product placement, but the chances that he’s going to become a buyer are slim, so the more of his kind you can eliminate, the more efficient your marketing efforts become.

Niche television markets may be making networks crazy, but they stand to be a goldmine for marketers of every kind. When you can pick and choose a specific demographic by choosing the right show, time and distribution channel, you can improve response rates to your marketing substantially.

Brand Response Marketing Gives Viewers More 

Emerging forms of media may force us to give potential customers more before they decide to buy a product. The old call to action that simply demands a phone call or click may simply not be enough anymore, but that’s okay. These scenarios are the very reason that marketing experts have developed brand response marketing – essentially a cross between branding and direct response marketing.

Where direct response is flexible and provides actionable data, branding gives customers a gentler introduction to a product or service. Brand response is a marrying of the minds, asking for only a small action in return for a relatable message that explains the benefits of a particular item or brand.

This marriage will work increasingly better as more televisions are connected to the Internet, and viewers continue to cultivate the habit of browsing their mobile devices while watching their favorite programs. They’ll sit, watch and click – all without breaking stride. Though the growing pains may be great at first, when brand response meets the deep detail of programmatic in niche TV, everything should be in place for an efficient and enjoyable sales experience overall.

The changes that marketers are being forced to navigate today are just a step in the evolution of successful tactics like DRTV. Soon, between the DRTV-friendly niche creation happening in television and the marrying of branding efforts with direct response, we’ll see what has been created is a marketing field that’s significantly more than the sum of its parts.




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