Netflix Pushed on Branding

Media companies have locked horns before with Netflix over a lack of branding on their own programming while Netflix Original Series are always clearly marked. The battle of the brand, it would seem, is turning. ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder” now features a four-second [...]Read more

Live Television Is Still Very Much Kicking

With the growing popularity of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, it might seem that live television has been surpassed or even made obsolete by streaming services. A recent study by Omnicom Media Group’s Annalect found that live television is still very relevant, however, even as [...]Read more

Soul-Searching In TV Land

Although critics have declared that America’s entering a new “Golden Age” of television, it’s not coming up roses for television networks. At a recent media event presented by the Television Critics Association, John Landgraf of FX Networks addressed the growing number of [...]Read more
netflix teenagers series

Netflix to Add Films and TV Series for Teenagers

In the hopes of cornering the market on programming for ‘tweens and teens, Netflix has announced plans to invest heavily in this generation. Besides picking up teen favorites from years past, like “Friends,” “Gossip Girl,” and “Gilmore Girls,” Netflix has licensed [...]Read more
Infomercial Media Buying 101

Infomercial Media Buying 101

Infomercials can be an effective sales tool, but buying an infomercial isn’t the same as buying a much shorter product advertisement. When reviewing these media-buying choices, there’s a lot to consider, including the format of the infomercial, when it’ll run and how the [...]Read more

AT&T and DirecTV Deal is Now Under the Microscope

Last year, two major deals took the attention of the business world – particularly those involved in media buying, advertising and digital media. Comcast announced its $45 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable. Just three months later AT&T revealed that they would be taking [...]Read more

Cable TV is Still a Viable Option

Even though more people than ever are dropping cable, there is still no viable option for all of the entertainment that people have come to experience through the cable box. Internet TV services, streaming boxes and Smart TV options may be popular – but they may not be able to [...]Read more

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