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Brands Showing Losses Depending on Inflation Alone

Changing consumer trends are throwing old guard consumer-products manufacturers for a loop as inflation refuses to rise high enough for another price increase. Procter & Gamble, for example, just announced that prices fell two percent overall with the biggest backslide coming [...]Read more

Twitter Shows Profits in a Rare In-The-Black Quarter

Twitter has spent more time in the last few years projecting success than actually achieving it, so when it announced a net profit of $91.1 million for Q4’17, investors sat up and started paying attention. This was a drastic turn-around from the $167.1 million loss the year [...]Read more

Superfans are Changing the Face of Music Marketing

It wasn’t that long ago that musicians followed a fairly standard rise to stardom. They played gigs in dark, dank little hole-in-the-wall bars, moved up to bigger and better, albeit local, engagements, then someone discovered them. That discovery by a music label would give the [...]Read more

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