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What’s Next for Redbox After Leveled Revenues?

Over the past seven years, Redbox has installed more than 40,000 DVD rental kiosks in locations such as grocery stores and convenience stores. Promising low prices and convenience, the retailer offered a much-needed option with bigger rental chains like Blockbuster shutting down. [...]Read more

Microsoft Sets Sights on Improved Tablet Line

With just 18 months of tablet experience under its belt, Microsoft Corp is ready to expand the line and spur new sales. Growth in tablet sales has slowed down considerably, but the company is counting on their small tablet to improve their competitive profile. A competitor to [...]Read more

Facebook to Pay $2 Billion for Virtual Reality Company

Virtual reality isn’t just an entertaining idea – it could be the future of entertainment and social networking. That’s exactly what Facebook is hoping for with their investment in Oculus VR. The company, which makes a virtual reality headset, was purchased for $2 billion [...]Read more

CBS’s Outdoor Ads Prove Old Media Still Works

While many new media advocates say that the age of the billboard is over, CBS Corp’s outdoor-ad business has proved them wrong. By taking an approach that includes billboards, online video, social marketing and television, the network has developed a strategy that has the unit [...]Read more

DreamWorks Studio Needs to Make Major Changes

DreamWorks Studio is in the midst of reinventing itself.  Originally founded by Steven Spielberg, former Disney President Jeffrey Katzenberg and music mogul David Geffen, the studio has shifting plans. Although it was often known as a creator-friendly studio that encouraged new [...]Read more

Google Reveals Software for Android Wear

Google has unveiled Android Wear, a version of its Android operating system that can be worn around the wrist. The product is meant to go head-to-head with Apple’s Smartwatch. Getting Android to work with wearable computers is a pre-emptive move for Google. The company has [...]Read more

Cloud-Software Businesses Are Gaining Traction

The first cloud-software business was Salesforce.com, and it is now valued at close to $40 billion. A second wave of online software companies is starting to gain traction in the marketplace. Not only are they more specialized, but they are also commanding multibillion-dollar [...]Read more

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