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Can Oprah Revive Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers, Inc. finally posted a gain in its stock this year, on the news that media giant Oprah Winfrey purchased a 10 percent stake in the company. Despite her history of weight loss attempts, this will be the first time that Winfrey has joined Weight Watchers, much to [...]Read more
walmart big box

Wal-Mart Shrinks The Big Box

Wal-Mart is making some big changes in hopes of modernizing and streamlining its big box brand. Falling profits and a promise to raise employee wages across the board has forced the Arkansas-based company to make some hard decisions about how its day-to-day business will run in [...]Read more
christmas shopping advertising

The Evolution of Holiday Shopping Advertising

Long gone is the iconic age of advertising, when marketing professionals wore heels and suits and hashed out marketing plans in plush rooms that smelled of cigarette smoke. Today’s holiday shopping advertising is much more to the point, with little room or demand for artistic [...]Read more

Ad Blocking Is the Latest Hot Topic

One of the hottest topics this year at this just past Advertising Week in New York was the increasingly prevalent practice of ad blocking. This practice, which allows users to block all or most of the ads they see while visiting various websites, is the growing crisis of the [...]Read more

What Is A Brand Response Campaign?

As media companies continue to contract and new media forms are born, advertisers are left scrambling to both find and fill advertising space more efficiently than ever before. When advertising dollars have to be stretched across both traditional and emerging media, this can [...]Read more

Hotels Compete With Travel Sites

In a bid to offset their shrinking control over commissions and fees, hotels are working harder than ever to draw customers away from booking sites like Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline. Although these sites once held an uneasy truce with hotel chains across America, Expedia’s [...]Read more

The Suddenly Frugal Chinese

The Chinese have been making headlines as the rest of the world watches their economy with a great deal of trepidation. With news that the Chinese government is attempting to devalue the renminbi even further and their stock market in flux, Chinese luxury goods spending has begun [...]Read more

Google Digs In for Protracted Antitrust Fight

Google’s August 27 answer to European Union anti-trust charges has thrown the search giant deeper into an unpredictable and prolonged battle for the future of the web in Europe. The first complaint alleges that Google skews results to favor its own comparison-shopping service; [...]Read more

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