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Political Advertising

In today’s campaign world, political advertising is the key to winning, no matter if it is at the federal level for Senate or Congress or a state / local race for governor or school board president.

At Koeppel Direct, we have the experience and dedication to work with political campaign teams and advertisers from all levels to get the job done. Our political advertising clients allow us to help guide them through the campaign advertising process in a way that both recognizes all rules/guidelines and utilizes media in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

How Much Do Political Campaigns Spend On Ads?

Federal and state elections, including Presidential and ballot / issue political advertising was estimated to account for more than $6 billion in ad spending in the 2012 election. As you likely know, political marketing is mired in complex rules and regulations established and enforced by the Federal Communications Commission. Not understanding these rules and guidelines could cost a political campaign not only extra dollars, but also potentially the race.

What Kind Of Media To Use For Political Advertising?

There is a whole new menu of media options – traditional broadcast / cable television, print and radio advertising is still essential, but use of the digital political advertising and social media has become an important component of all campaigns launched by successful political advertising agencies.

Political Campaign Processes Typically Involve These Steps:

    • Identifying the media markets that correspond with the campaign area
    • Identifying the key target demographic based on number of registered voters and voting history
    • Identifying special populations that need to be reached, including minority populations, rural voters and other sub-groups
    • Preparing media plans with the recommended media mix and budget allocation
    • Negotiating and placing media buys upon approval of the media plan
    • Monitoring and reporting of competitive spending to ensure impactful media placement
    • Reconciling and verifying media placement to ensure all buys aired/ran as placed


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