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  • Koeppel Direct has extensive experience working with nutraceutical marketers that utilize direct response advertising to generate sales.
  • Koeppel Direct’s seasoned media buyers, account service and analytics team have established a long track record of developing successful media campaigns in the nutraceutical marketplace.
  • We have bought direct response media, including direct response television, radio and online advertising for some of the leading nutraceutical products over the last five years and we have been instrumental in taking their sales and profitability to the next level.

Extensive Nutraceutical Media Buying Experience

  • Our experience includes managing numerous direct response media buys for nutraceutical products in the following categories: diet, memory, anti-aging, sexual enhancement, joint pain relief, heart health, cleansing, energy, pain relief, prostate health and calcium supplements, among others.
  • Some of the notable nutraceutical products we have successfully purchased media for include, Enzyte, Focus Factor, Hoodia Pro, Renuva, and Super Prostate Formula, among others.
  • We have built nutraceutical media campaigns from an initial $10,000 test to budgets over $1 million/ week, while maintaining a profitable return on investment.
  • Several of the campaigns we managed have been in the top 10 rankings of both Jordan Whitney and IMS, based on the media spending levels.
  • Koeppel Direct has the knowledge and expertise to manage nutraceutical campaigns through both good and more difficult times, during the life cycle of a campaign.

Innovator in Sourcing DRTV Media for Nutraceutical Marketers

  • Koeppel Direct has been an innovator in sourcing new, high performing outlets for nutraceutical DRTV advertisers.
  • For example, over the last several years, we became one of the largest direct response purchasers of nationally syndicated TV shows and national satellite time for nutraceutical marketers.
  • Leading nutraceutical marketers depend on Koeppel Direct’s expertise in buying media for their direct response campaigns, because of Koeppel Direct’s long history of success in this category.

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