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Nonprofit Advertising & Fundraising Marketing

At Koeppel Direct, we provide our nonprofit clients with a powerful range of direct response advertising options that can dramatically improve fundraising efficiency and optimize ROI. Leading nonprofit organizations rely on us to design effective promotional campaigns to increase consumer awareness, improve brand recognition, and generate funds to continue operations for the benefit of the public for years to come.

Upping Your Nonprofit Marketing Game

Nonprofit advertising is a key strength at Koeppel, and our experienced team is capable of driving highly successful media campaigns that will help you and your organization reach the next level of funding.

Through online media buys – when used in conjunction with an offline direct response TV or direct response radio campaign – our team will generate improved results through enhanced mission awareness and a more tangible connection to the fundraising event. Our team also analyzes the data insights received for each campaign to optimize for best results and use when strategizing and introducing new campaigns to the same or similar audiences.

Marketing to promote products or services is different than the message needed for nonprofit signups or conversions. These audiences want to know where their contribution is going and how it will affect the bigger picture. In order to make a lasting connection with each consumer, it’s imperative for the direct response campaign to clearly convey what is being asked of the person and why they should take the requested action.

Our experience in this specialized field has helped numerous nonprofit organizations reach their target audience and achieve their fundraising goals. We know the ins and outs of what’s necessary to create a campaign that’s compelling enough to entice a person to donate their time or money to a cause.

Utilizing Multiple Channels for Fundraising Marketing

Direct response as part of fundraising marketing helps to reach segmented audiences at the time they’re most likely to see, hear, or view the message. It also provides an easy pathway for them to take immediate action. Time is a huge factor with every direct response initiative and monitoring the campaign throughout its duration helps maximize its visibility and profitability.

Our team will expertly guide you and your team through every stage of your campaigns and the entire lifecycle of the promotion. We outline goals and expectations prior to strategizing any campaign, as each direct response effort may have its own key performance indicators to report on what proved most successful during the fundraising marketing campaign.

Nonprofit Marketing That Generates Results

The goal of direct response marketing is to generate results. Whether that includes sign ups, dollars donated, or other conversion-based metrics, we focus on making the most out of marketing dollars to generate the kind of results and conversions that will prove to be most profitable.

If you have a fundraising event or an ongoing nonprofit initiative that you would like to advertise, we can let you know how our expertise can help you reach your target. Our years of experience in the field and expertise in direct marketing campaigns have proven invaluable to nonprofit organizations who want to reach the next level of funding and effectiveness.

For more information about nonprofit marketing and to set up a no-obligation consultation right away, contact us.


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  • Koeppel Direct’s effective and efficient direct response media buying expertise helped in making my company highly profitable. Koeppel Direct bought DRTV media for us at the lowest prices and they were so instrumental in my company’s success.
    - VP MarketingLeading Senior Product Marketer
  • Koeppel Direct’s media buying expertise has played an integral role in making my company successful. Koeppel generated so much business for our company, occasionally we have to limit their media buys, in order to handle all of the new business.
    - CMOOnline Dating Site
  • Koeppel was able to take our campaign to the next level through superior media strategies that in my experience are unparalleled in the direct response media buying industry.
    - PresidentHealth Insurance Provider
  • Other agencies can’t compete with Koeppel’s hands-on, 24/7 level of customer service.
    - CMOTravel Site
  • Koeppel’s exceptional research and analytics was instrumental in driving incremental revenue and profit to our bottom line.
    - Marketing DirectorMedical Information Site

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