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What is advertising on interactive television:

  • Interactive TV advertising involves video ads displayed in digital video-on-demand, DVR and IPTV video streams, as well as interactive program guides. On-demand advertising is more prevalent on a local level than nationally. This is where all television/convergence advertising is headed.

Who utilizes interactive television advertising:

  • TiVo has an Interactive Advertising Platform that was developed for direct response advertisers. Time Warner Cable has an interactive system that allows viewers watching spots to go directly to an on-demand platform. Time Warner, Comcast and Cox offer Exercise TV reaching 22 million homes, where Jake Steinfeld’s Body By Jake ads are inserted into on-demand workout sessions. Comcast offers interactive promotions that link to long-form, on-demand advertising. Expo TV provides on-demand infomercials. DISH Network TV viewers can utilize their remote to review a product, request information or purchase a product on screen. DISH and Comcast offer spots that telescope to long-form, on-demand advertising. Cox will be dynamically inserting ads into VOD content in 2008. Time Warner has a feature that let’s digital subscribers restart live programming, but does not allow them to skip ads, in order to counter ad skipping with DVR’s.

Why use interactive television advertising:

  • Unlike traditional “linear” television advertising, on-demand TV advertising can be tracked and quantified much like Internet advertising. It is highly suited to direct response advertisers, since it provides the viewer the opportunity to respond to offers, find out more information or order a product or service. It also allows DR advertisers the ability to most effectively utilize a combination of short form and long form advertising formats.

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