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Amazon-Comcast Deal Brings More Outlets, Better Service


Well aware that its public image has been circling the drain as of late, Comcast has made a bold move to revamp customer service efforts and create new ways to subscribe.

A recent partnership with and two dedicated call centers for Amazon-sold packages may help turn the PR tides for the cable giant.

Buying Comcast Through Amazon

Amazon’s new XFINITY store was built with new Comcast subscribers in mind. It offers the same XFINITY-branded bundles as Comcast, but with the promise of Amazon-level service. This should prove to be a huge marketing boon for the cable company. As part of the arrangement, Comcast allocated over $300 million toward customer service efforts like hiring more representatives and opening new call centers.

The deal with Amazon created two dedicated Amazon-sold XFINITY support centers: one in Tuscon, Arizona and the other in Spokane, Washington. The goal of the approximately 90 Amazon-dedicated agents is to “answer your call in 60 seconds or less,” according to Amazon’s XFINITY page. This solid commitment to service reflects both Amazon’s long-standing policy of providing the best customer service possible and Comcast’s attempt to turn its own customer service efforts around.

Cleaning Up The Comcast Customer Experience

“They helped us in our thinking about how to simplify the experience and just make it clean,” Neil Smit, Comcast’s cable division president, told the Wall Street Journal. “We’re partnering with a company that’s so good at the customer experience – I think that’s really what excites me.”

For its part, Amazon will take a fee from each cable package sold through its site, which will be priced exactly the same as they would be if purchased directly through Comcast. These types of referral fees can run to 15 percent or more, depending on the deal struck. Considering Comcast is already looking for other services they can offer through Amazon, whatever deal it has reached must feel very favorable to the cable giant.

Charter Communications Inc. has also developed an interest in selling its packages through Amazon, though no official deal has been struck. Being able to position cable packages opposite of television or entertainment purchases may prove to be a valuable Amazon offering for these companies.


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