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Updates To Hulu Advertising Formats

Updates To Hulu Advertising Formats

Have you ever had a friend who will try almost anything? You know, the one who climbs to the top of the water tower when you dare them to? Well, that’s Hulu.

The video streaming service isn’t afraid to try new things out on their platform. This year Hulu unveiled new ad formats for advertisers, and these offerings will give us more ways to reach customers. To Hulu’s credit, these ads also empower their subscribers to control the way some advertisements appear on their screens.

It’s all part of Hulu’s promise to make their ads “less disruptive, more engaging, and more functional” for the user. Anything good for the user, is good by us.


Four New Hulu Advertising Formats

→ Binge Watching Ads and Hulu Pause- Ads

The most exciting advertising option rolled out by Hulu is “binge watching ads”, which gives viewers the power to schedule the advertisements they see. Imagine you’re hunkered down onto your couch to watch all of season two of “Stranger Things” with the kids. Hulu can give you the option to see your ads at the beginning or conclusion of single episodes or see more ads after every three episodes, and so on. This type of control of when you see commercials shifts the power to the consumer.

In a similar Hulu advertising format, users can choose to see their advertisements when they pause a program. These ads can be streaming video or banner (or display) advertisements promoting your brand. With the popularity of binge watching, Hulu “pause ads” are a nice opportunity for advertisers, since viewers have to get up to make a sandwich or use the restroom at some point, and frequently.

→ Integrated Storytelling Ads

With this option, Hulu can place products into programming. How does this work? Imagine a cooking show where a popular baking ingredient is digitally “painted” onto the counter. Hulu users would see ads for that product before or after the program and be offered ways to interact with or shop for the brand.

→ Choice-Based Ads

With this offering, users can select which type of ads they want to see from a selection of advertisers. For example, the Hulu subscriber can tell Hulu that they want to see women’s shoes in their ads from a shoe seller.

It’s important to note that Hulu ads (seen only in the Hulu With Ads membership tier) are less intrusive than broadcast or cable television ads. Typically, a commercial break contains five to ten commercials, but on Hulu there are one to five commercials per break.

→ Transactional or “Push” Ads

Hulu will give subscribers the option to get more information on brands and products sent to their Hulu-attached email address or cell phone. By “opting in” to receive push ads in that manner, the Hulu viewer will see fewer ads on their screen and more in their email or via text message.


Hulu’s Growth Presents an Opportunity for Advertisers

While Netflix continues to lead the industry in subscribers, Hulu is closing the gap. In the first quarter of 2019, Hulu gained more than twice as many users as Netflix, and for year-to-year gains from 2018 to 2018, Hulu narrowed the rate of growth with their competitor by 17 percent. As of the first quarter of 2020, Hulu has 28 million subscribers.

Here at Koeppel Direct, we work with Hulu to place streaming ads for our clients. We know how to plan a campaign and which ad options will work best for your situation. As more people are watching programming via Hulu, a coordinated connected TV campaign can help you reach millions of customers. Contact us today to get a free consultation.



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