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April, 2016


Big Advertisers Hesitant to Jump Into Podcasts

The world has run hot and cold about podcasts since they first began airing about a decade ago. Even today, this tried and true form of media is a hard sell for advertisers. According to the Wall Street Journal, about 17 percent of Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts [...]Read more

DRTV Impact on Branded Search

As people continue to sort themselves into specialty niches and are increasingly cutting the cord, it might seem like we’re left with two distinct groups of viewers: the watchers and the searchers. Watchers watch television ads, respond to direct response television (DRTV) and [...]Read more
facebook 1B quarterly profits

Facebook Breaks $1 Billion in Quarterly Profits

The social network seems like an unstoppable force as its growth continues to turns heads of both investors and marketers alike. Facebook announced 4Q 2015 numbers recently, many of which broke its own previous records. For example, Facebook’s quarterly profit was more than $1 [...]Read more

FCC Expected To Open Up Cable Box Technology

With streaming giants Netflix and Amazon gaining users at an unprecedented pace, it seems like an unusual time for the FCC to go on the offensive against cable companies and their relatively proprietary cable box technology. However, the recent vote on unlocking cable box [...]Read more

What Does The Future Hold For Chipotle?

In the wake of a pair of widespread outbreaks of E.coli that left 55 customers across 11 states infected with the bacterial pathogen, Chipotle is implementing new food safety measures to ensure that this situation doesn’t reoccur. Even though the U.S. Food and Drug [...]Read more

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