November 2015 | Koeppel Direct

November, 2015

branding vs direct response marketing

Branding vs. Direct Response Marketing

If you ask a room full of marketing professionals which type of marketing gets the best results, you may start a war between the branding and direct response camps. The truth is, each type of marketing has its merits, but sometimes one type is a better tool to reach your goals [...]Read more
use data optimized media buying

Using Data to Optimize Media Buying

There was a time, not that long ago, when TV media buying was less about targeting the right market as it was about targeting any market. Today’s sophisticated data tracking tools have turned that world on its ear, but having so much data available doesn’t mean that TV media [...]Read more

Hotels Compete With Travel Sites

In a bid to offset their shrinking control over commissions and fees, hotels are working harder than ever to draw customers away from booking sites like Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline. Although these sites once held an uneasy truce with hotel chains across America, Expedia’s [...]Read more

The Suddenly Frugal Chinese

The Chinese have been making headlines as the rest of the world watches their economy with a great deal of trepidation. With news that the Chinese government is attempting to devalue the renminbi even further and their stock market in flux, Chinese luxury goods spending has begun [...]Read more

Google Digs In for Protracted Antitrust Fight

Google’s August 27 answer to European Union anti-trust charges has thrown the search giant deeper into an unpredictable and prolonged battle for the future of the web in Europe. The first complaint alleges that Google skews results to favor its own comparison-shopping service; [...]Read more

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