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September, 2015

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Microsoft’s Misdial Cost $7.6 Billion

Microsoft was once the biggest software company on the planet, with an unbreakable grip on the hottest tech of the time: the personal computer. Unfortunately, putting tiny computers in every pocket has meant that software and hardware companies have had to adapt to mobile [...]Read more
Walmart Shark Tank

Inside Wal-Mart’s Shark Tank

In a bid to help overcome their reputation for selling cheap imported goods, Wal-Mart has spent the last two years hosting an annual event designed to attract domestic start-ups. The Made in USA “Open Call” gives small time entrepreneurs a shot at the big time: landing a [...]Read more

At Netflix, Big Jump In Users – And Costs

The media is agog with Netflix’s latest posted losses, including a second quarter loss of over $92 million and a two percent drop in stock prices, but this is far from the end for the streaming entertainment giant. In fact, though, this is only the beginning. Netflix’s Chief [...]Read more

But How Will It Play in Portland?

If there’s one thing that brand managers struggle with, it’s getting product samples in front of consumers with plenty of disposable income. That’s why Jeff Davis opened SamplingLab in Portland, Oregon. Designed to deliver much more than a mall-based focus group or online [...]Read more

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