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Whether you want to drive direct sales, generate high quality leads, drive customers to a retail location, or lead people to your website, Koeppel can help execute your campaign objectives, while simultaneously building your brand and awareness for the next stage of your businesses’ growth.


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Direct Response Television

With over 19 years of experience, Direct Response TV is the core business of Koeppel Direct. As a leading DRTV media buyer, we combine intensive research, market experience and knowledge, and fine-tuned analytics to provide the most effective DRTV media buying campaigns – with demonstrated results.

Services include:

      • DRTV media planning and buying.
      • In depth, proprietary media research.
      • Analytics and multi-attribution tracking.
      • Customized reporting utilizing a real-time dashboard platform.
      • Trafficking of commercials.
      • Campaign optimization.
      • Campaign management, including integration of TV and online media buying, telemarketing, fulfillment, reporting and analysis.
      • Programmatic TV media buying utilizing real-time bidding.
      • Koeppel has the knowledge and expertise to deliver profitable DRTV results for the important and fast-growing Hispanic market.

International DRTV Media Buying

  • We have a strategic understanding of the Canadian DRTV media marketplace and the know-how to maximize a campaign’s ROI in this crucial market.
  • Koeppel can also target the affluent Asian market in the U.S., with purchasing power projected to reach $1 trillion by 2020, through top-rated programs reaching 7 language groups across the largest Asian markets in the U.S.
  • If you are looking to expand your DRTV campaign into the United Kingdom, Koeppel has the experience to be your media buying agency in this key European market.
  • If you are looking to expand your DRTV campaign worldwide, we can also buy in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Kuwait, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Greece, Austria and Switzerland.

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Direct Response Radio

We specialize in short and long form radio media buying that provide the highest probability of success, based on the targeted, low cost, and broad availability of DR Radio.

Services include:

                • Short form direct response radio buys.
                • Long form radio media buying (infomercials).
                • Network direct response buys.
                • Endorsement radio.
                • Local market direct response radio buys.
                • Access to the most efficient radio inventory for direct response advertising.
                • Track, report and analyze direct response radio results.
                • Access to leading script writers and producers.
                • Testing of multiple creative executions for direct response radio.
                • Testing of multiple stations and dayparts for direct response radio marketers.
                • Access to fire-sale rates on DR radio that represent significant savings for direct response advertisers.
                • Direct response radio media buying expertise that is second to none.


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Direct Response: Online

As an industry leading media buying agency, Koeppel Direct offers our clients a suite of DR online advertising options that when executed in harmony with an offline DRTV and/or DR Radio campaign, can provide an optimal ROI and boost to a client’s results. We work with a variety of Internet retailers and direct response marketers who are utilizing a combination of online, DRTV, and DR radio advertising to increase traffic and sales on their websites.

Services include:

                • Programmatic Media Buying Utilizing Real-Time Bidding.
                • Online Video, Web TV and YouTube Advertising/Media Buying.
                • Social Media Marketing.
                • Mobile Marketing & App Development.
                • Search Engine Optimization – Local, National, Global, and Mobile.
                • Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
                • Display Advertising.
                • Brand Management / PR.
                • Web Development (Responsive).
                • Full Creative Design Team – Logo, Branding Style Guide, Design.
                • Email Marketing.
                • Conversion Rate Optimization / Multivariate Testing.
                • Mobile Marketing & App Development.
                • Analytics and Multi-Attribution Tracking.
                • Media Mix Modeling.


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Mobile Advertising

Mobile media in general, and mobile advertising in particular, is a rapidly growing and evolving arena, one that we feel strongly represents enormous opportunities for both users and advertisers. The mobile market is rife with possibility and opportunity. While most mobile advertising is targeted to mobile phones, the media and tools that fall under this umbrella can vary. In a broad sense, mobile media and the advertising that runs through it can appear on a mobile web page or within a mobile application (“in-App”).

Mobile Media and Mobile Advertising Tools can Include:

                • Smartphones
                • Tablets, such as iPads
                • Dashtops, such as GPS navigation or satellite radio
                • Other instances of traditional media converted to a mobile environment, such as Mobile DRTV or mobile direct response marketing
                • Mobile web banners and posters, also mobile circulars and mobile-specific landing pages.
                • SMS (text) advertising
                • MMS advertising (such as within mobile games and videos)
                • Interstitial ads, which are full-page ads that appear before the actual webpage
                • Audio ads connected to telephone-based services


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