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  • One company in the direct response television industry is leading the charge to provide clients with an integrated, multi-channel direct response media buying strategy. That company is Koeppel Direct

  • We integrate all the key mediums that comprises an effective direct response media buy, including DRTV - direct response television, online, print and radio; to ensure the success of the client's direct response media campaign.

  • Our staff works closely with our clients, guiding them through all stages of the media buying process, from drtv media testing and analysis, through roll-out.

  • Our approach enables Koeppel to deliver direct response media buys that leads to direct results.

  • We know the 'ins' and 'outs' of maximizing the impact of a direct response television advertising campaign.

  • The caliber of our direct response media buying performance is why marketers depend on Koeppel Direct's professionals campaign after campaign.

  • Service to our clients is our top priority.

  • Clients receive drtv media buying results that are measurable, specific and immediate.

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