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Where, When & How Much


  • Founded in 1995, Koeppel Direct has experienced significant growth and is one of the leading direct response media buying firms in the U.S.

  • Headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

  • Peter Koeppel, with over 25 years of significant marketing, advertising and direct marketing experience, and Christena Garduno, our COO and Director of Account Service, with 11 years of direct response television (DRTV) experience, lead our staff of seasoned, top-level media professionals.


Direct Response Television Advertising Agency Philosophy


  • Koeppel Direct is dedicated to on clear goal:
    We believe that both success and profit will follow from delivering profitability and success to our clients.


What Makes Us Unique


  • Proven track record for generating results for a wide range of products/services marketed through direct response advertising.

  • Extensive experience buying for a wide range of products and services.

  • High level of account service delivered 24/7.

  • Our research driven approach allows us to optimize your media buys.

  • Full time analytics department works closely with the buying and account service teams to maximize campaign performance through the use of customized reporting and sophisticated tracking techniques.

  • Koeppel Direct is an innovator in sourcing new, high performing outlets for direct response television (DRTV) advertisers.

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"Koeppel Direct's effective and efficient direct response media buying expertise helped in making my company highly profitable. Koeppel Direct bought DRTV media for us at the lowest prices and they were so instrumental in my company's success."

Sy Sperling
Founder, Hair Club

"Koeppel Direct's media buying expertise has played an integral role in making my company successful. Koeppel generated so much business for our company, occasionally we have to limit their media buys, in order to handle all of the new business."

R. Gregg
Marketer of Senior Products

Client Portfolio