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App Launches are Growing Bigger to Fight for Sales

While the app market is relatively new, the competition for sales and growing interest have made launching an app a lot harder – and more expensive – than it used to be. Instead of a small online marketing push, companies like ZeptoLab UK are putting their new game “Cut the Rope: Time Travel” into 125 [...]

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Formerly Cancelled Soaps are Finding a New Life with Online Audiences

When the ABC Soaps “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” were cancelled two years ago, viewers thought they’d seen the last of the residents of Pine Valley and Llanview. But thanks to the production company Prospect Park, they are finding a new home online. For the past two years, the company has worked [...]

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Baby Boomers & Seniors in the Digital Era

Living in a digital age, Americans are accustomed to rapid advances in technology.  With most toddlers fully capable of working smartphones and tablets, the youngest generations of U.S. children are being raised on advanced technology.  Seemingly without limits, the digital revolution continues to grow exponentially. While younger generations have become synonymous with technical ability, what [...]

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Who Will Reign Supreme Online? (Part 2 of 2)

(Read Part 1 of this post here.) And what about Amazon? Not to be left behind, Amazon is taking their success with the Kindle Fire tablet and moving beyond. The retailer-turned-tablet-maker is testing its own Smartphone, and 2013 may be the release year. Amazon’s Smartphone platform is expected to include access to the more than [...]

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Top 13 TV Commercials of All Time

While the rise of the digital age is altering the marketing landscape, television commercials are still the undisputed king of advertising.  With 99% of U.S. household having a least one television and an ever-increasing amount of channels and shows, television is an integral part of American culture and life.  With television come the television commercials [...]

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Will the Oprah Empire Survive the Loss of the Talk Show?

In the 18 months since her namesake syndicated talk show left the air, Oprah Winfrey has been busy. Continuing her magazine “O” and launching the cable network OWN has been a challenge without the easy tie-ins from her talk show. The OWN network is suffering from low ratings and management shake-ups, and there’s been a [...]

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Shopping Jumps The Generation Gap

Online media buyers and direct response television producers take note: selling to the next generation will not be easy. Kreg and Chris Ultican, a married couple in their early 50s, happily clip their coupons and make their way to the local mall this holiday season ready to find the deals while their children ranging in [...]

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SyFy Defies the Odds With TV/Videogame Mashup

Comcast ubergeek channel Syfy is developing a new entertainment idea, and it’s all a game. Media buyers at the cable mainstay have come together with video game developer Trion Worlds to create an MMO (massive multiplayer online) video game for their upcoming show “Defiance.” Executive producer of the show Kevin Murphy agrees that this project, [...]

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Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon Dominate the Online Media Landscape

When the Internet showed promise for advertisers and companies over 20 years ago, there was a “Wild West” feel to the experience. Start-up companies jockeyed to become “go to” destination websites and major corporations wondered if the effort was worth it. Just two decades later, however, the online landscape has become dominated by four tech [...]

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What is Direct Response Marketing?

When most people think of marketing, they think of “image” marketing or “branding.” A company will sponsor an event, air a 30-second commercial or take other steps to remind customers that they are there and they have products or services that meet consumer’s needs when they are ready. This type of marketing doesn’t have a [...]

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