Big Data Could Help Media Buyers Send Smarter Messages

The Internet – and email specifically – were hailed as the end to physical junk mail, and the thriving direct-mail marketing industry.

But thanks to new tools and the big data revolution, it looks like there are new ways for direct response advertisers and media buyers to reach out to the right people. Americans are receiving less mail than they did 10 years ago, but direct response mail is still going strong.

It’s all thanks to Big Data – a catch-all phrase for analytical software and storage. Big Data tools and analysis have been helping direct marketers and media buyers learn more about their target market, define their pitches and improve conversion rates by outstanding percentages. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Direct marketers can go through hundreds of sources of public and private (legally attained) data to create targeted demographics.
  • Rather than marketing to broader groups, like middle-class families, they can drill down even further to market to young, upper middle-class families who have pre-school aged children who like ordering books online.
  • This information is used to deliver timely, targeted messages, catalogs and special offers.

While age, marital status and other demographics has long been part of media buyers’ and direct response advertisers’ arsenals, the information is a lot more specific and can be used to target subgroups of customers. Using tools designed to cull massive amounts of information, advertisers can now collect information that used to take months to compile in a matter of minutes.

With these tools, retailers and other direct marketers can design campaigns that speak directly to these subgroups, rather than the general pool of consumers. As a result,  direct mail campaigns are more effective and profitable for a company, which encourages them to invest more in the campaigns and keep direct mail messages flowing into your inbox.

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