An Explanation of Infomercial Advertising

Partnering with an infomercial company can be advantageous to many types of businesses regardless of the industry they operate within. A infomercial advertising can help sell any product, from health and beauty products to sports equipment. According to Stephanie Watson, a writer for HowStuffWorks, six of the most popular infomercials of all time are as follows:

- Ginsu Steak Knives
- Jack LaLanne Power Juicer
- The Snuggie
- Miss Cleo’s Psychic Hotline
- Sweating to the Oldies
- Tony Little’s Gazelle

Many businesses have found that they can successfully sell products to the public by advertising and promoting them through infomercials. An infomercial is much more than an average 30 second commercial. It usually lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and sometimes even longer. Generally, an infomercial advertises a product or service through a detailed combination of product description and promotion.

When it comes to scripting an infomercial, there is no exact format that has to be followed. In most instances, the script of an infomercial is based on the nature of the service or product being sold as well as the buying habits of the targeted audience. Many infomercials take on the format of a talk show by using a well-known television talk show host or other type of celebrity to promote the featured product or service. During these types of infomercials, the host will usually perform some type of extended interview with the person who invented the featured product or someone who is an expert on the product. Most times, this type of infomercial is divided into segments, with certain spots reflecting on the exact specifics of the product or service being sold as well as how to purchase it. Usually, the price advertised is portrayed as marked down, and often if you call in to buy the product in a certain amount of time, you can get a bonus gift as well.

The host within an infomercial advertisement usually demonstrates how the featured product is used and sometimes will bring guests on the show to have them test the product. In doing so, viewers are able to see for themselves why the product is worth purchasing. It is important to remember that the actors on infomercials are often paid extras, but in some instances, the people featured in the infomercial are enthusiastic buyers who honestly believe in the value of the product being sold and provide uplifting testimonials.

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