Infographic: Millennials & Media Consumption

The millennial generation has been a game-changing demographic group for both advertisers and marketers. Glued to smart technology, this [...]

Science Gives Clues on How to Stand Out from the Pack

Would you like to look more competent than the rest of the pack? New research conducted by Harvard Business School says that sticking out in a [...]

Automatic Ad Sales are Slow to Start with TV

Although automation has taken over a great number of systems, and quite successfully, automated TV ad buying isn’t one of them. While there are [...]

Online Video Finally Starts to Attract Television Money

Advertisers have been very loyal to television, even with the advent of online video and increase in Internet viewership. However, the time has [...]

Mobile Advertising Reaches a Historic Point, Faces New Challenges

It’s hard to believe, but smartphones and tablets have been around for less than a decade. Understanding this, it’s even more amazing that [...]

Mobile Payment Options Offer Lower Fees and Increased Convenience

Starbucks and other major retailers now offer multiple forms of payment types. While the standard cash, credit and debit cards are still [...]

Nintendo’s Latest Quarter Continues the Trend of Bad News

Nintendo Co. has had nothing but bad news lately when it comes to its future profit projections. Lackluster performance in the games division and [...]

How America is Watching TV – Infographic

Our culture today seeks constant entertainment. If something is boring or uneventful, people don’t gravitate towards that activity, in fact [...]

What’s Next for Angry Birds?

There’s no denying that Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise has taken the world by storm.  But does it have long lasting power? The gaming company [...]

NewFronts Introduce New Opportunities to Media Buyers, Brand Publishers

Inspired by the broadcast and cable television “upfronts,” the Digital Content NewFronts introduce media buyers to new opportunities in [...]

Facebook’s Emotion Study Causes Outrage and Raises Ethics Questions

Manipulating and analyzing consumer data is the backbone of many web marketing companies, including Google, Yahoo and Facebook. But the latter [...]

Brands Seek Out Connections with Multi-Tasking Viewers

With a growing number of television viewers using their smartphones and tablets while they watch TV, DRTV advertisers are trying to meet them [...]

What’s Next for Redbox After Leveled Revenues?

Over the past seven years, Redbox has installed more than 40,000 DVD rental kiosks in locations such as grocery stores and convenience stores. [...]

Microsoft Sets Sights on Improved Tablet Line

With just 18 months of tablet experience under its belt, Microsoft Corp is ready to expand the line and spur new sales. Growth in tablet sales [...]

Facebook to Pay $2 Billion for Virtual Reality Company

Virtual reality isn’t just an entertaining idea – it could be the future of entertainment and social networking. That’s exactly what [...]

CBS’s Outdoor Ads Prove Old Media Still Works

While many new media advocates say that the age of the billboard is over, CBS Corp’s outdoor-ad business has proved them wrong. By taking an [...]

Advertisers Tackle the Dual Screen Problem with New Ads

More than three-quarters (87 percent) of Americans are watching television while holding onto their Smartphones or tablets. Most of this second [...]

Faster Wireless Technology Advances Attempts to Satisfy Public’s Appetite for Mobile Data

It’s no secret that mobile devices have caught on with the public in a big way. Their ever-increasing thirst for data has led to the [...]

DreamWorks Studio Needs to Make Major Changes

DreamWorks Studio is in the midst of reinventing itself.  Originally founded by Steven Spielberg, former Disney President Jeffrey Katzenberg and [...]

Google Reveals Software for Android Wear

Google has unveiled Android Wear, a version of its Android operating system that can be worn around the wrist. The product is meant to go [...]

TV Land to Include Live Commercials with Show Cast Members

It’s no secret that viewership is more fragmented in today’s market. Advertisers and media buyers need new ways to keep people involved with [...]

Cloud-Software Businesses Are Gaining Traction

The first cloud-software business was, and it is now valued at close to $40 billion. A second wave of online software companies is [...]

Higher Prices Challenge the Wealthy’s Willingness to Pay

Despite expanding into new markets, the luxury retail business has been relying on price increases as a way to drive sales. Even customers in [...]

Yahoo!’s Plan: to Adopt Magazine-Like Advertising Style

When it comes to advertising, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s CEO, has been heavily influenced by fashion magazines like Vogue and InStyle. In a [...]

Amazon in Talks with Retailers to Offer Prime Goods Online

Consumers may not currently be thinking of ever being able to buy merchandise from J. Crew, Ralph Lauren or Lord & Taylor via, but [...]

New Infographic Highlights Burgeoning Second Screen Usage

If someone is wondering how the use of second screens is trending, all they probably need to do is look around their own living room. Gone are [...]

GM’s New Chief Executive Wants to Put Hammer Down on Company Comeback

Mary T. Barra may be the first female chief executive in the auto industry, but she wants to keep the focus firmly on the vehicles. In her first [...]

RadioShack to Close 500 Stores During Rebuilding Process

RadioShack Corp. used comedy in a Super Bowl ad to show its stores being dismantled and then rebuilt. But on the Tuesday after the Big Game, the [...]

Streaming Music’s Popularity Brings New Players to the Table

Playing music from anywhere, and playing the music that you want when you want it, is becoming something that is in huge demand for consumers. [...]

Iceland Busy Producing Bitcoin Currency

The lava plain of Reykjanesbaer, Iceland, is located close to the Arctic Circle, and if you are looking for the mines of Bitcoin, this is where [...]

Microsoft Revenue Rises on Holiday Xbox and Tablet Sales

Microsoft posted some strong sales of its Xbox videogame consoles and Surface tablet computers over the Holiday season, which helped to drive [...]

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