Yahoo!’s Plan: to Adopt Magazine-Like Advertising Style

yahoo adopt magazine-like adsWhen it comes to advertising, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s CEO, has been heavily influenced by fashion magazines like Vogue and InStyle.

In a recent interview, Mayer pointed out that this type of print medium had ads that were “as interesting as the photo shoots and the articles.” She went on to say that she misses the ads when they are not in the magazines, and that to her they are an essential part of the magazine. Read More »

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Amazon in Talks with Retailers to Offer Prime Goods Online

Consumers may not currently be thinking of ever being able to buy merchandise from J. Crew, Ralph Lauren or Lord & Taylor via, but if the online retailer has its way, customers will be able to buy shirts, suits and other items soon.

amazon offer prime goods online Discussions are taking place to win over retailers that have, to date, largely avoided the online marketplace. About 10 well-known retailers are involved in the talks, including Abercrombie & Fitch Co. and Neiman Marcus Group Inc. This new initiative could be in place and ready to launch as early as the summer, according to people who are close to the matter. Amazon did not have any formal comment on the matter.  Read More »

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New Infographic Highlights Burgeoning Second Screen Usage

If someone is wondering how the use of second screens is trending, all they probably need to do is look around their own living room. Gone are the days when the entire family sat around the television set together as if it were some sort of communal hearth. Instead, Americans are increasingly using second screens while they watch TV. A study from Nielsen supports this theory and makes it clear that the proliferation of such screens while viewing television is only continuing to go up.

To highlight Nielsen’s findings, Koeppel Direct has created a visually appealing and easy-to-assimilate infographic. What are the key findings? Some 76% of tablet owners use them while watching TV, while smartphone owners do the same an estimated 63% of the time.

The activities these dual screen users are engaged in include:

• Buying products they see advertised on TV
• Social networking.
• Purchasing coupons/deals related to a TV program.

The implications for advertisers, who are increasingly seeing their direct purchasers execute the sale online, are profound. For that reason, Koeppel Direct is acutely focused on connecting the dots between these screens and consumer behavior and interaction — including purchase behavior — as it relates to them. That is why the agency, which specializes in DRTV and ominchannel media planning and buying, has developed the most in-depth and accurate attribution model in the industry.

Second Screen Infographic Koeppel Direct

Look for future infographics from Koeppel Direct illuminating additional trends amid an ever-changing media landscape that is increasingly driven by consumer choice and control.

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RadioShack to Close 500 Stores During Rebuilding Process

radio shack stores closing

RadioShack Corp. used comedy in a Super Bowl ad to show its stores being dismantled and then rebuilt. But on the Tuesday after the Big Game, the news broke that some of the stores were going to be dismantled and stay that way. A few weeks later, in early March, the company confirmed it would be closing 1,100 stores.

The Super Bowl commercial took a lighthearted look at the company’s outdated image by bringing in a number of characters from the 1980s, including Erik Estrada, Hulk Hogan and Alf, who announce that they want their store back. The characters start tearing out shelves and hauling out products. It was one of the most popular ads run during the game.  Read More »

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Streaming Music’s Popularity Brings New Players to the Table

streaming music polularity new playerPlaying music from anywhere, and playing the music that you want when you want it, is becoming something that is in huge demand for consumers.

Several companies are stepping up to the plate to provide these services. From well-known entertainment brands to start up companies, there will be multiple choices for streaming music fans in the coming year.

Loosened hold on song rights. The concept of streaming music services used to seem out of reach – but record labels have loosened their hold on rights to songs. They’ve begun to lease collections of songs to providers, rather than focus on the old model of selling individual albums or song singles. Early digital music providers like iTunes prompted record labels to take a closer look at selling music in the modern age, and now streaming services are taking the concept one step further.  Read More »

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Iceland Busy Producing Bitcoin Currency

bitcoinsThe lava plain of Reykjanesbaer, Iceland, is located close to the Arctic Circle, and if you are looking for the mines of Bitcoin, this is where you will need to look.

To find them, you will need to walk through a fortified gate and check in with a guard. Once you pass the threshold, you still need to pass through four more security checkpoints including a mantrap that will only allow you to proceed after the door has shut behind you. This will get you to the center of the operation, which is a room inhabited by more than 100 computers. Each one is housed in a locked cabinet. To keep the equipment at precisely the right temperature, the units are kept cool by blasts of Arctic air shot up from vents in the floor. Read More »

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Twitter Populated by Millions of Fake Accounts

Twitter fake accountsIn a world where having a big online voice is key to making a name for one’s self, it should come as no surprise that an enterprising person can buy 1,000 fake Twitter accounts for less than $60 from an online vendor.

Once the accounts have been purchased, they can be programmed to follow an account to boost anyone’s standing to rebroadcast his or her tweets. Padding the numbers is part of the game now.  Read More »

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Temporary Internet May be an Option in the Future

self-destruct data temporary internetIf Snapchat has taught users anything, it’s that all things come to an end. This app, which is primarily used by teens and college students, sends messages, photos, and captions that are temporary. They (in theory) self-destruct after a certain amount of time automatically.

If this idea really becomes popular and other sites start to promote the idea of being able to erase content, the Internet of the future will look very different to the way we know it today. It would mean that old pictures would not be available if someone felt nostalgic. At the same time, content that someone may not feel very proud of would also be erased.  Read More »

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Technology Giants Increase Efforts to Control Internet Through Internet Infrastructure

Internet InfrastructureGoogle and Facebook have expanded their efforts to control the Internet by investing in infrastructure.

The latest is that they are planning to control more of the www’s backbone in this manner, and it’s raising tensions with a number of telecom companies. The plan involves bringing online new underground cables they have funded, inking agreements to build dark fiber and building their own networking hardware.  Read More »

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Facebook Walls May Prove to Be Fruitful for Video Advertisers

facebook wall attracts video advertisersThe widespread popularity of Facebook makes it very attractive as an advertising platform, and now video is entering the ring. Facebook rolled out a video advertising program in September that places video ads into users’ newsfeeds as part of their native social media experience.  Read More »

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