Media Results Are Awaited, A Bit Warily

As the world of traditional media continues to navigate a chaotic world of cable-cutters and dedicated television streamers, the stock market remains unfriendly to major networks. Companies like Disney, 21st Century Fox and Time Warner are continuing to post reduced growth and [...]Read more
christmas shopping advertising

The Evolution of Holiday Shopping Advertising

Long gone is the iconic age of advertising, when marketing professionals wore heels and suits and hashed out marketing plans in plush rooms that smelled of cigarette smoke. Today’s holiday shopping advertising is much more to the point, with little room or demand for artistic [...]Read more
evolution of drtv

Not Your Mom’s Advertising: The Evolution of DRTV

No one could have imagined the impact Direct Response TV (DRTV) would have on marketing, but for some brands, it has been a wildly successful tactic. Brand advertising has its place, but when your product needs quick results, nothing beats the speed of DRTV. By simply adding a [...]Read more

What Is A Brand Response Campaign?

As media companies continue to contract and new media forms are born, advertisers are left scrambling to both find and fill advertising space more efficiently than ever before. When advertising dollars have to be stretched across both traditional and emerging media, this can [...]Read more
branding vs direct response marketing

Branding vs. Direct Response Marketing

If you ask a room full of marketing professionals which type of marketing gets the best results, you may start a war between the branding and direct response camps. The truth is, each type of marketing has its merits, but sometimes one type is a better tool to reach your goals [...]Read more
use data optimized media buying

Using Data to Optimize Media Buying

There was a time, not that long ago, when TV media buying was less about targeting the right market as it was about targeting any market. Today’s sophisticated data tracking tools have turned that world on its ear, but having so much data available doesn’t mean that TV media [...]Read more

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