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There is no better advertising medium than television. Reaching millions of diverse viewers on a daily basis, television allows for maximum exposure that can lead to strong product sales and low cost lead generation. Since the early 90’s, the world of direct response TV advertising has grown exponentially and is a powerful marketing tool. With more and more direct response television companies offering services, it is crucial to find an expert in the field with proven strategies and results. Koeppel Direct, a leading direct response television (DRTV) company, combines intensive research, market experience and knowledge, and fine-tuned analytics to provide the most effective DRTV campaigns – with demonstrated results.

A Leading DRTV (Direct Response Television) Company

  • Koeppel Direct is a world-class direct response television agency specializing in multi-channel DRTV, as well as online, radio, and print campaign management.
  • Pioneers in their field, Koeppel Direct is the only DRTV company who provides an integrated television, print, radio, and online media buying strategy. This combination of key direct response elements ensures the success of a client’s media campaign.

DRTV Innovators

  • An innovator and trendsetter, Koeppel Direct has led the field in finding new and high performing outlets for DRTV marketing.
  • Expanding in reach and influence, Koeppel Direct has become one of the largest DRTV purchasers of nationally syndicated television shows and national satellite time.

Extensive DRTV Advertising Reach

  • Koeppel Direct has a far-reaching influence and delivers positive results because of the extensive amount of advertising inventory they purchase.
  • Koeppel Direct is currently buying DRTV advertising:
    • On every national cable television network
    • On a wide range of nationally syndicated television shows
    • On the two largest domestic satellite television providers: Dish Network and DirecTV
    • On network television
    • In over 200 local U.S. broadcast markets

Ensuring DRTV Advertising Works For You

  • Clients demand results, and Koeppel Direct delivers them immediately and helps sustain these results through the long-term.
  • A talented and competitive DRTV agency, Koeppel Direct provides expert direct response media buying expertise.
  • Koeppel Direct manages all key aspects of direct response campaigns - television, online, radio, and print.
  • Clients are aligned with tops firms in the areas of direct response television production, telemarketing, and fulfillment.
  • Expert and experienced media buyers obtain DRTV, online, radio, and print media at competitive prices, in order to maximize exposure and response.
  • Using powerful media buying software such as Catalyst and CORE DR, Koeppel Direct fine-tunes their media buys, allowing for the creation of the most efficient media programs for each client.

Koeppel Direct is proud to be one of the leading Direct Response TV companies, and focuses on serving their impressive customer portfolio. Generating new strategies, innovative and compelling advertising campaigns, and driving business results for their clients, Koeppel Direct will certainly continue to pave the way for direct response advertising.

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"Koeppel Direct's effective and efficient direct response media buying expertise helped in making my company highly profitable. Koeppel Direct bought DRTV media for us at the lowest prices and they were so instrumental in my company's success."

Sy Sperling
Founder, Hair Club

"Koeppel Direct's media buying expertise has played an integral role in making my company successful. Koeppel generated so much business for our company, occasionally we have to limit their media buys, in order to handle all of the new business."

R. Gregg
Marketer of Senior Products

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